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usa flag Dancing at Sea

based: Florida, USA
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Dedicated dance cruise vacations, with private dance parties and instruction from top teachers covering ballroom, latin, Argentine tango, salsa, mambo, swing and more! Dancing at Sea specialises in ballroom and Argentine tango dance cruises.

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uk flagHurst Dance
based: Manchester, UK
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Ballroom, latin and sequence dance breaks in England, Scotland and Wales, holidays and weekends hosted by Phyl and Kathryn Hurst. All socials and events are 50:50 (50% ballroom/latin and 50% sequence) and include 8+ hours of workshops and lessons in varying styles and levels.

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uk flagIn Step
based: Somerset, UK
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Dance breaks with Ian and Ruth Walker – leisurely dance holidays that combine good food, good company, good humour, good music and dancing. Breaks available in England and Wales as well as overseas in Cyprus and Madeira. Social ballroom and latin dancing plus a few popular sequence dances.

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uk flagModern Sequence Dancing World
based: West Yorkshire, UK
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Modern sequence dance holidays in the UK and overseas, with qualified dance teachers Steven Shaw and Helen Blackburn. UK holidays, weekends and short dance breaks from Scotland to Llandudno to Portsmouth, and 7-day or 14-day sequence dance holidays in Cyprus.

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uk flagSocial Dance Holidays
based: West Berkshire, UK
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Relaxing, sociable dance breaks, dancing modern ballroom, latin american and popular sequence dances at dance-friendly hotels in popular UK holiday resorts. Evening dances to popular dance music, plus morning dance lessons with a qualified dance teacher.

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uk flagVerrico School of Dance
based: Lancashire, UK
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Dancing weekends and holidays across the UK and abroad, for ballroom dancers and line dancers. The Verrico School of Dance offers dance weekends at quality hotels throughout the UK: including Harrogate, Carlisle, Torquay, Wales, Scotland and the Cotswolds.

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Ballroom Dance Mallorca

based: Palma Nova, Mallorca

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Dance packages to Mallorca, for singles, couples, beginners and improvers. Morning dance workshops, afternoon dance (practise or social) and evening social dance and shows.

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Dance Mavericks

based: East Sussex, UK

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Relaxed dancing holidays in Worcestershire and North Yorkshire; with dance classes each morning, dancing each night, formal evenings and dance cabarets.

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Social dancingBallroom dancing and sequence dance holidays, listing holidays, courses, weekends or short breaks where the main activity and focus is on residential and multi-day ballroom and sequence dancing; 'old time' dancing holidays are also listed in this section.


If you offer mixed dance holidays that include ballroom/sequence/old-time, then these styles must be a significant component. While the definition of 'ballroom' can vary and can be fairly broad, we accept, in this section, sites that themselves refer to the style they offer as ballroom dance on their own websites; this will include all the styles covered by the International Standard (waltz, tango, Viennese waltz, foxtrot and quickstep) and the International Latin style dances (samba, mambo, cha-cha-cha, rumba, paso doble and jive).


Likewise we also list sites that refer to old-time or sequence dancing in their programmes. Some of these dance styles also have their own separate sections, this usually happens where the style has become very popular in its own right and searchers will be looking for specific courses that focus on that style in particular.


Take a look at our dedicated Latin American dance» section too.