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Aziza Dreamcamp Bellydance Retreat
based: Val Morin, Quebec
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The Dreamcamp Bellydance Retreat (Val Morin, Quebec) offers 5 days of intensive dance instruction, bonfires, drumming, laughing and celebration. With comfortable accommodation in a converted convent on Lake Raymond, you can also hike in the woods, swim in the lake or pool, enjoy delicious meals and meet new dance friends.

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Live Your Passion Egypt
based: Luxor, Egypt
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A variety of oriental dance and belly dancing holidays in Egypt! Offering a range of belly dance and Egyptian folklore dance holidays with a mix of dance techniques, live music and an insiders first-hand view of Egyptian culture and traditions. Packages or tailor-made trips.

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us flagRiver City Raqs
based: Florida, USA
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The 3-day annual River City Raqs Dance Festival held in Florida –
organised by the Anais Belly Dance Studio in Jacksonville. The festival offers three days of intensive belly dance workshops covering a wide range of diverse belly dancing styles (tribal fusion, Egyptian, American cabaret etc).
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Wave & Dance
based: Tamraght, Morocco
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A range of holiday packages including a surf camp, a yoga retreat and Polynesian and belly dance holidays in Morocco. The year-round dance camp is ideal for all levels from beginner to advanced bellydancers. Learn new moves, improve your style and skills, and perform to a live audience with a live orchestra in Agadir.

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Middle Eastern Music & Dance Camp

based: California, USA

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Residential music and dance camp offering Middle Eastern dance classes, Belly dance classes, Middle Eastern music, performances and cuisine.

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Sadie Bellydance!

based: Denver, Colorado

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Bellydance retreats with Sadie Marquardt, a 'global bellydance sensation'. Each year the location is unique and recent retreats have been to Costa Rica and Switzerland.

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Camp Bellydance

based: Costa Rica

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Bellydance retreat in Costa Rica. Includes: airport transfer, lodging, meals, Bellydance classes, yoga classes and other workshops, guided hikes and spa.

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Bellydancing holidays and vacations, Arabic dance holidays and breaks, residential courses, vacations and workshops including Middle Eastern, Arabic, Turkish and Egyptian dancing in the UK, abroad in Europe and Worldwide; including belly dancing in Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and Greece.


STYLES of Belly Dance:
There are many forms and styles of belly dance, some coming from ancient roots others more modern 'fusion' styles, there is also inconsistency in the naming of styles, this list shows just some of the popular styles you may come across:


• Baladi and Shaabi folk/ethnic styles

• Nuba Middle Eastern folklore

• Turkish bellydance
• Tribal belly dance

• Zambra Mora or Flamenco Fusion

• Gothic belly dance
• Classical Cabaret Burlesque
• Spanish/Flamenco (also see our dedicated Flamenco» section)
• Melaya Leff

• Veil Dancing