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uk flag Civilian Military Fitness

based: Greater Manchester, UK
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Military style, 5-day residential boot camps in North Wales. Either all-male or all-female camps offering dedicated exercise programmes combined with adventure activities like rafting, high ropes and paintball.

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usa flag Marriage Bootcamp

based: Texas, USA
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The Marriage Boot Camp is a 4-day break designed to save relationships. It uses life-revealing games, exercises, counseling and therapy to help married couples learn more about themselves, all combined to dramatically impact marriages for the better.

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uk flag OnTrack Weight Loss & Fitness Retreat

based: Devon, UK

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Specialist weight loss, fitness and lifestyle change health retreats in the heart of the Devon countryside. Retreats designed to help with fat loss, fitness, good eating and healthy living, created for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels – offering a daily program of fitness classes, mindset seminars and healthy nutrition.

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uk flag Prestige Bootcamp

based: London, UK
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Boot camp retreats and weekends in London, Suffolk, Devon, Wales, Spain and Portugal. Luxury fitness and weight loss bootcamps for all abilities; including special retreats such as the Bikini Body Boot Camp and tailor-made camps

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uk flag Xtreme Boot Camps

based: Warwickshire, UK
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Xtreme fitness residential boot camps; tough and effective camps with an emphasis on overall fitness, good nutrition and long term results. Residential bootcamps are are held at Malvern St. James School in Worcestershire.

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Marco Baioa Luxury Residential Fitness Bootcamp

based: Algarve, Portugal

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Algarve luxury boot camps for all fitness levels. Sample activities include swimming, cycling, mountain biking, boxing, pilates, yoga, hiking, functional training and crossfit.

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uk flag Trimmer You Boot Camp

based: London, UK

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Trimmer You offers award winning boot camps in the UK and Spain, with week-long camps in the sunshine of Marbella, or short fitness breaks in the hills of Wales.

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What makes it a bootcamp?

What makes it a bootcamp? The term 'boot camp' is US slang referring to 'Basic Training' camps for new army, air force and naval recruits, so it's fitting that original-style fitness bootcamps often use military physical training methods and are sometimes run by former military personnel.


Workouts using this style will frequently be held in the outdoors and will involve a regime of group exercises that combine calisthenic and body weight exercises (like push-ups, crunches, squats and jumping jacks) together with interval and strength training. Sometimes some military-style drilling may be used to push participants, but in general strong encouragement will be employed rather than intimidation.


Bootcamp styles
Boot camps will vary in the degree to which they are 'military' in style, and these days many fitness or weight loss holidays branded as 'boot camps' go on to emphasise how non-military they are in style – a bit of a contradiction in terms, you'll even find 'luxury bootcamp' retreats on offer!


ICON KEY: What's in a name?
Whatever they're called, different styles of camp will suit different people – to help you sort out what's what we've added icons to our entries to indicate very roughly the style to expect, as follows:
= military style
= softer style
= weight-loss