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Jive, Ceroc, LeRoc and Modern Jive (French Jive) dance holidays, residential courses and dancing workshops the UK, abroad in Europe, and Worldwide. Also breaks featuring Lindy Hop, Rock'n'Roll, Swing and Jitterbug.

Definitions explained:
Jive – can refer to quite a number of dance styles; originally it was a 4/4 time ballroom style dating from the mid-1930's. There are a number of related styles including the Jitterbug, Swing, Lindy Hop and Rock & Roll; organisations offering holidays and breaks featuring these styles will also be listed in this section.
• Modern Jive – (often called French Jive) is a freestyle dance created from a simplification and refinement of previous styles, developed in the UK in the 1980's. This resulted in the branded and franchised Ceroc style of Modern Jive and it's un-franchised close cousin Le Roc, both named after the London clubs that developed the styles.

Qualifications to look for in instruction:
LeRoc Modern Jive Federation – the only recognised organisation for the acceditation of Modern Jive instructors and teachers.

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Modern jive, Ceroc, LeRoc & jive dancing holidays

Featured Sites

 Pontins website: Pontins
Themed dance breaks & dancing holidays including ceroc & jive weekenders ...

uk flag Pontins Featured Site
website: Pontins
Themed dance breaks, weekends and dancing holidays at Pontins Holiday Parks in England and Wales. These include: slasa, ceroc and jive weekenders, Chriska Dance (tap, ballet, modern, song & dance etc.), northern soul weekenders, learn to dance opportunities and special charity dance events.
| dancing (mixed styles) | salsa | ceroc/jive | line dancing | ballet | England | Wales |

uk flag Jiveuwild
based: North Yorkshire, UK
Unique holidays for dancers who like to sail, combined luxury yacht and Modern Jive dance holidays with qualified sailing and dance instructors in Europe.
| ceroc/jive | sailing | Malta | Italy |

uk flag Warner Leisure Hotels
based: Hertfordshire, UK
website: Warner
Dancing is available on almost every Warner break at their country, coastal hotels and villages venues. Dance workshops and evening dance opportunities are hosted as part of a weekend or midweek break, with styles to suit everyone, including: ballroom, latin, line dancing, tap and party.

| dancing (mixed styles) | ballroom/sequence dancing | latin american | line dancing ceroc/jive | salsa | England | Wales |

Be-Lindy Zena Camp
3-night, weekend Lindy Hop camp in Genoa, in Northern Italy, with parties, bands and classes for all levels.
| ceroc/jive | Italy |

 Beverley Holidays
based: Devon, UK
Riviera Rock n Roll weekends, with top bands and guest DJ's. Self-catering accommodation.
| ceroc/jive | UK |

 Ceroc Scotland
based: Scotland, UK
Weekend Ceroc workshops ('Cerocshops') and residential dance week-enders in Scotland.
| ceroc/jive | Scotland |

 Hep Cats Holiday
based: London, UK
Vintage dance and music weekends at seaside venues, with swing classes, international and UK bands, international teachers, vintage markets ...
| ceroc/jive | UK |

 Hemsby Rock 'N' Roll Weekenders
based: Norfolk, UK
Rock 'n' roll weekends at the authentic 1950's Seacroft Holiday Centre in Hemsby, Norfolk.
| ceroc/jive | UK |

Herräng Dance Camp
based: Stockholm, Sweden
With its roots in Lindy Hop, Swing, New York and Harlem, the summer dance camp focuses on African-American swing dance.
| ceroc/jive | Sweden |

 Holiday Rock
based: Cambridgeshire, UK
Modern Jive and Rock'n'Roll holidays and weekend breaks, with top class dance instruction and live entertainment.
| ceroc/jive | UK |

 Jive Addiction
based: Nottinghamshire, UK
Dance events and weekenders in the UK and holidays with professional dance teachers in Spain.
| ceroc/jive | UK | Spain |

based: Nottinghamshire, UK
Modern Jive based dance company offering holidays in Mallorca and Tenerife.
| ceroc/jive | Spain | Canary Islands |

based: Buckinghamshire, UK
Jive Holiday Club weekends at Warner's Lakeside Resort in Hampshire; with top teachers and DJs offering a vast range of daily workshops, plus daily freestyle.
| ceroc/jive | England |

M Jive
based: Munich, Germany
Modern Jive weekenders in Munich with the 'Spring Fling' and the 'Winter Warmer', with guest teachers, workshops and freestlye events.
| ceroc/jive | Germany |

 Monkey Socks
based: Somerset, UK
Three-night Modern Jive Dance weekenders in hotels in Southern England, with daytime workshops and evening dances with top DJ's.
| ceroc/jive | England |

 Oxford Lindy Exchange
based: Oxfordshire, UK
Weekend-long Lindy Hop dance party, there are no workshops, classes or teaching, just lot's of chances to dance.
| ceroc/jive | England |

 Rock Bottoms
based: Hampshire, UK
3-night, UK, hotel-based jive dance breaks, featuring Modern Jive, Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing.
| ceroc/jive | England |

Rock 'n' Roll Travel Club
based: Queensland, Australia
Specialists in developing Rock 'n' Roll and line dance holidays in Australia and Worldwide.
| ceroc/jive | line dancing | Australia | Worldwide |



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