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Rick Stein – The Seafood School: cooking courses with the celebrity chefs.

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Cooking courses and holidays

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Cooking with the celebrity chefs

Rick Stein – The Seafood School

Think of fish cookery and inevitably Rick Stein will appear on the list of notable chefs. The Seafood School, in Padstow, Cornwall, is one of a number of related business set up by Rick Stein, the first being his award winning restaurant. It was the restaurant that got him started in the food business, a business he has now expanded to include a seafood café, 'Rick Stein's Caf', the Seafood Deli, the cookery school and an on-line business selling food, wine and food related goods.

Rick Stein made his mark as a celebrity chef on programmes such as 'Rick Stein's Taste of the Sea' and 'Sea Food Odyssey' and he is also the author a many cookbooks, among them 'English Seafood Cookery' and 'Rick Stein's Seafood'

The Seafood School offers two and four day courses as well as a range of one day courses and demonstrations. The four day course now includes a trip to Newlyn fish market to buy fresh fish, a valuable exercise for the novice fish cook. Specialist courses cover Thai and Chinese fish cookery, French and Italian fish cookery, Shellfish cookery and Christmas fish cookery.

The courses are run in attractive modern kitchens, which you can view on-line via the 'virtual tour' feature on The Seafood School website.

Two and four day courses are offered as both residential or non-residential, the latter being useful if you prefer to arrange your own accommodation in the area; perhaps because the rest of the family wants a seaside holiday in Cornwall. If you go for the residential option a non-cooking partner is offered free accommodation with meals and drinks charged extra. For non-cooking partners, or if you want to extend your stay in the area yourself, the web site has a page of attractive suggestions, some of them fish related: from Sea fishing, to The National Lobster Hatchery and The Eden Project.

Further information can be found on The Seafood Restaurant website. This is a slick professional site with clear navigation. You may have few display problems if you are using an older browser, and you may need to download a plug-in to view the 'virtual tour'. Dates and prices are all clearly displayed on the site. Go to The Seafood Restaurant website now :

Rick Stein can also sometimes be found as a guest chef on the Tasting Places courses in Italy or Greece. Link to Tasting Places.

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RECCOMMENDED BOOK: – Rick Stein's Seafood Lover's Guide

Rick Stein's Seafood Lover's Guide Winner of this years Glenfiddich Drink & Food Award, Rick Stein (and Chalky his trusty dog) discover great dishes and small delicacies amongst the tidal estuaries, shingle banks and rocky shores of Britain. Rick travels from the bleak Suffolk coast – where fishermen scrape a living catching cod – to the wild, clear waters of Scotland's lochs bringing back an abundance of stories and imaginative, colourful recipes.
   The book is organised geographically with each chapter covering one of the regions featured in the series. Rick describes the fish-catching and fish-eating traditions of each area as well as details of the local life, legends and literature. He singles out local delicacies and includes six to eight recipes per chapter. Each chapter is illustrated with stunning food and landscape photography and ends with an area map and a guide to a small selection of the best hotels, restaurants, pubs and specialist suppliers (including information on extra locations, not featured in the series). "Just as I do in the restaurant to keep ahead of the game, I look for the best suppliers, the freshest fish and who catches them. In a way, this is what this series is about, the fish I love, for all sorts of reasons – not just taste or fashion – where they come from and the people who catch them and the best way to cook them. As a result of looking around the country for the best seafood, it's turned out to be a love affair with the changing coastline of Great Britain and Ireland and the business of going to sea in small boats to catch the freshest prime fish we have." – Rick Stein.

CLICK HERE for 'Rick Stein's Seafood Lover's Guide' and other books by Rick Stein

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