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uk flagThe Wild Side of Life

based: Wiltshire, UK
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Foraging courses in the countryside of Wiltshire, the Chilterns, the New Forest and further afield. Courses include: Mushroom Discovery Days, Gourmet Mushrooms and Medicinal Mushrooms. Basic camping provided on request (included in some courses); also links for recommended local B&B accommodation.

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based: Ireland
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Wild mushroom hunts and mushroom festival trips with Bill O'Dea, a dedicated mycophagist. Fungal hunts that include collecting, an identification workshop and the cooking and eating of some edible wild mushrooms.

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Crillon le Brave Hotel

based: Provence, France

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Autumn truffle hunting breaks in Provence, their Truffle and Wine weekends promise a long weekend of truffle hunting that also includes wine tasting and a cooking demo.

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uk flagFungi to be with

based: London, UK

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Fungi forays and mushroom hunting workshops for beginners in the Greater London area.

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uk flagGalvelmore House Bed & Breakfast

based: Perthshire, Scotland, UK

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Weekend break mushroom foraging course with accommodation, mushroom forays are guided by Patrick Harding, mushroom book author.

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uk flagHedgerow Harvest

based: Dorset, UK

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Mushroom foraging and wild food courses near Dorchester, Dorset and Marlborough, Wiltshire.

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uk flagMsitu

based: West Yorkshire, UK

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Wild food walks, preserving courses, and wild food and mushroom foraging retreats and workshops.

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Chanterelle mushroomsMushroom identification and foraging courses, fungi hunting weekends, short breaks and holidays in the UK, abroad in France and throughout Europe. Edible wild mushroom courses covering all aspects, including: where to find and pick wild mushrooms and fungi; equipment for mushroom picking; checking and cleaning; the legality of picking wild mushrooms; mushrooms identification using appearance, smell taste and spore print; knowing the poisonous mushroom species; and cooking with the crop.


A look at the risks of wild mushroom harvesting and why you need a foraging course and good guide – learning to correctly identify the edible from the poisonous is a vitally important skill for the budding mushroom forager and nothing beats doing that with a knowledgeable and experienced guide. The consequences of misidentification can be severe, some varieties can cause serious illness, some can even be fatal. One danger of collecting wild fungi is that of toxic look-alikes, poisonous mushrooms that look similar to edible ones, your guide should be able to point out the differences. Foragers should also be aware of local differences and the dangers in identifying a mushroom from one country or area that looks like a similar (perhaps toxic!) mushroom from another country or area – thus, it's always a good idea to select a local course and learn to identify the fungi you'll actually find when you start foraging for yourself.