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Latin American dancing holidays, Latin style courses and vacations, learn to dance in the UK abroad in Europe and Worldwide.

the dances covered:

The main Latin American dances are considered to be the:
   Cha cha cha
   Paso Doble
But the style covers many, many dances that have originated in Latin America as well as the Caribbean, so the list can also include the:
    ... and more!

This section lists holidays, courses and dance breaks that focus on Latin American dancing in general, but we also have specific pages for some of the most popular Latin styles, particularly where these are taught separately – see the links above. Ballroom and Latin American dance are also often grouped together, so its worth taking a look at that section too.


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Latin american dance holidays

Featured Sites

 Saga Holidays website: Saga Holidays
Latin American & Ballroom dance breaks for mature travellers aged 50+ ...
 Warner Leisure Hotels website: Warner
Dancing at most venues, with workshops in a range of styles & evening dances ...

Saga Featured Site
based: Kent, UK
website: Saga Holidays
Wide range of holidays and escorted tours for mature travellers aged 50 and over. Special interest holidays include dance holidays in the UK and Worldwide, including Latin American and Ballroom breaks for all levels from beginner to experienced dancer.
| seniors/silver surfers | ballroom/sequence dancing | latin american | music tours | ballet/opera | Christmas/New Year | singles | UK | Europe | Worldwide |

uk flag Warner Leisure Hotels stars Featured Site
based: Hertfordshire, UK
website: Warner
Dancing is available on almost every Warner break at their country, coastal hotels and villages venues. Dance workshops and evening dance opportunities are hosted as part of a weekend or midweek break, with styles to suit everyone, including: ballroom, latin, line dancing, tap and party.

| dancing (mixed styles) | ballroom/sequence dancing | latin american | line dancing ceroc/jive | salsa | England | Wales |

Chateau d’Arlens
based: Gers, France
Chateau based Latin dance weekend with a professional Latin American dancer (former number 2 in France).
| latin american | France |

uk flag Dance Style
based: Kent, UK
Social dance breaks various locations and dates in the UK.
| ballroom/sequence dancing | latin american | UK |

 Holiday and Dance
based: Middlesex, UK
Holiday and Dance invite you to dance with them, at home and abroad.
| ballroom/sequence dancing | latin american | UK | Spain | Portugal |

 Mayfair Hotel
based: Bournemouth, UK
Hotel offering dancing breaks for ballroom, latin, modern sequence dancers, hosted by professional dance trainers.
| ballroom/sequence dancing | latin american | UK |

 Mr Wonderful (Ballroom Dancing)
based: London, UK
Social Ballroom and Latin American dancing in London, the Home Counties and Spain.
| ballroom/sequence dancing | latin american | UK | Spain |


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Travel-quest's latin american dance holidays category specifically targets Latin American style dance holidays, courses, weekends and short breaks where the main activity and focus is on residential and multi-day Latin American style dancing. If you offer mixed dance holidays that include Latin dance, then the that style must be a significant component. Latin dances include samba, mambo, cha-cha-cha, rumba, paso doble, merengue, tango, salsa, lambada and jive (e.g. jitterbug, boogie woogie, swing, rock 'n' roll). 'Latin American' refers to dance styles that have originated in the Americas south of the US; Central and South America, plus the Caribbean; Latin dances are renowned for their faster-pace, hip action and sexiness.
This section deals with courses and holidays that focus entirely on the Latin style, the style is also covered in our ballroom section and you may also or alternatively be qualified for a listing there if you offer suitably targeted holidays.

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