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Most of the listings in the meditation directory on the right are offering guided meditation packages of one sort or another. However, if you're an experienced meditator and don't feel the need for guidance, an accommodation only package can be a great alternative.

This could be an accommodation-only package at a meditation or retreat centre like some of those listed. Or simply some pleasant accommodation in a beautiful restful location, but did you realise that there are B&Bs, guest houses and self-catering holiday properties that offer meditation space for guests? These places are often run by people who practice meditation techniques themselves and they will usually be offering dedicated rooms or even separate buildings, that are set up to provide quiet, comfortable spaces, away from the bussle of daily activity, that are suitable for private or group meditation. There are sometimes opportunities to meditate together with the owners or other guests if you wish, and many of these places also offer treatments and classes of various kinds.

UK accommodation with meditation rooms
We list several holiday homes in the UK and Ireland, offering meditation space in dedicated rooms or separate buildings, please see here.

(We hope you find this helpful, please let us know if you'd like us to list similar places abroad, or if you know of, or run, similar places you feel we should list.)

Check the meditation space is right for you
Before you book take a look at the meditation room online to make sure it looks right for you. Some will be simple clutter free spaces, in calm colours and with natural light or inspiring views. Others may have a more distinct character or features; perhaps less natural light, access to a garden, a themed decor etc., that may or may not suit. Comfortable seating is important, be it beautiful cushions and rugs, or conventional furniture.

Many places will provide props such as inspiring pictures, flowers, incense, candles, table fountains or music. You can of course bring your own inspirational items and music if you wish. If you're particularly keen on using candles and/or incense when you meditate you might wish to check their use with the accommodation owner in case they have any concerns (fire regulations, use by other guests etc). Likewise for chanting and music if these are particularly important for you.

If you wish to combine your meditation with yoga practice then check the room space available and find out if mats are supplied.


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A couple of UK destinations ideal for a DIY meditation retreat.

Glastonbury, in Somerset is a spiritual centre that attracts people of many beliefs, and makes an ideal destination for a meditation break.

The Abbey ruins, said to be the birthplace of English Christianity, provides a destination for meditation and worship. As does the World Peace Garden at the Chalice Well, one of UK's most ancient wells, where group meditation sessions are held daily or individual visits can be made. The Peace Garden offers a place of tranquility for people of all faiths and of none.

To find accommodation in and around Glastonbury see here.


Pure Land Japanese Garden

Further North in Newark, near Nottingham, you'll find the beautiful, award winning, Japanese garden created by Buddha Maitreya. Its aim is to provide a place for spiritual revitalisation and relaxation.

The gardens are open each year from the end of March until the end of October, various events are held through the year including guided meditations, magical lantern-lit evening sessions, group visits and Japanese tea ceremonies.

To find accommodation in and around Newark see here.


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Osho International Meditation Resort

based: Pune, India


Tropical meditation resort offering a wide variety of meditation types, including active, passive, traditional and contemporary – in particular are the Osho Active Meditations. 'Live In' programme and guesthouse accommodation available.

| India |


uk flag Osho Leela

based: Dorset, UK


Retreats and weekend workshops introducing Osho meditation and other related activities from a base in Dorset. Meditations are lead by experienced members of the community and are mostly active meditations, rather than silent sittings. The style is very relaxed and there are no compulsory daily practices.

| England |


based: West Sussex, UK

Offering juice detox retreats in England (in West Sussex and Lincolnshire) with yoga and healing. Weight loss and fitness, fertility, stop smoking and emotional healing retreats with 50+ holistic treatments. "One of the Best Retreats in the World" – Telegraph.
| yoga | retreats | detoxification | weight loss | fitness | stag/hen | self development | NLP | meditation | England |


uk flag Seeds 4 Change (The)
based: Hertfordshire, UK
A week of Mindfulness Meditation and Kundalini Yoga at this holistic holiday on the Greek Island of Lesbos. Sessions are based on their 5 A Day Programme for Wellbeing and are aimed at enabling you to embrace life and make it work for you. Would suit independent travelers.

| holistic/wellness/wellbeing | meditation | yoga | Greece | Spain |


usa flag Silent Stay

based: California, USA


Non-religious and open to anyone, silent meditation retreats in Assisi, Italy and Napa Valley, California. Aimed at cultivating inner peace and restoring wellbeing through heartfulness meditation and silence. Offering first class accommodation priced so everyone can attend.

| Italy | USA |


Surya Lanka Ayurveda Beach Resort
based: Talalla, Sri Lanka
Surya Lanka is an Ayurveda Resort in Sri Lanka, which specialises in Sri Lankan Ayurveda, Yoga retreats and Ayurveda retreats. The 44 room Ayurveda hotel conducts regular Ayurveda retreats, combining Ayurveda with yoga, meditation and a personalised diet to attain wellbeing.

| ayurveda | retreats | holistic/wellness/wellbeing | yoga | meditation | massage | weight loss | Sri Lanka |


uk flag Tai Chi & Nutrition for Health & Wellness
based: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Tai Chi and Qigong relaxation holidays and retreats. Includes a 7-day therapeutic and energising Qigong holiday on the magical island of La Gomera; a fantastic opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, meet like-minded people and explore this beautiful island. Suitable for absolute beginners as well as the more experienced.
| retreats | tai chi | qigong | chi kung | holistic/wellness/wellbeing | meditation | Canary Islands |


uk flag Tai Chi Holidays
Hertfordshire, UK
Tai Chi, Chi Gung and Meditation in a beautiful location with expert tuition. Near the friendly village of Arillas, obtain a foundation in the basics of Tai Chi as well as subtle aspects of Traditional Yang style Tai Chi. Make friends and enjoy gorgeous home cooking on this special week.

| tai chi | meditation | Greece | Corfu |


uk flag Tranquil Times Holistic Retreat

based: Varna, Bulgaria


Relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul at this rural retreat close to the Black Sea. Offering a personalised service for individuals and small groups, running twice daily poolside yoga and tai chi/qigong classes, life coaching and holistic treatments. Delicious vegetarian food with non-veggie options. All ages and abilities welcome.

| vegetarian/vegan | Bulgaria |


uk flag The Art of Meditation

based: Hertfordshire, UK


Retreats and weekend workshops in London, around the UK and beyond.

| UK | France |


uk flag Walk of Life

based: Devon, UK


Weekend guided Sumarah meditation workshops; Sumarah is a Javanese meditative practice.

| England |




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