Millinery & hat making courses, workshops & holidays



Chateau Dumas

based: Auty, Midi-Pyrenees, France
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Offering a range of inspirational creative workshops including many millinery and hat making related courses. These include: designing and carving hat blocks; haute couture flower making; bridal and wedding headwear; picture hats, pillboxes and perchers; and other general sweing workshops – all including Chateau accommodation and delicious home-made cooking.

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uk flagWayne Wichern Millinery

based: California, USA
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Millinery workshops in California with Wayne Wichern; a range of courses for personal enjoyment or for aspiring milliners. Courses are for all levels of experience – beginner, intermediate or advanced; and cover subjects such as felt and straw blocking, or trims and embellishments.

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uk flagAbigail Crampton Millinery

based: Cambridgeshire, UK

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Studio based millinery workshops including a 2-day cocktail hat making course.

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uk flagAni Townsend Theatrical Millinery

based: Bristol, Avon, UK

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Make a hat from scratch, 3-day workshops in millinery technique, how to block a felt or straw hat and learn about wiring and trimming.

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Beads & Bling

based: Dublin, Republic of Ireland

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Wide range of hat making courses in Dublin, from Ireland's largest jewellery and millinery school.

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uk flagHat Works

based: Stockport, Greater Manchester, UK

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Millinery workshops with expert tutors, to learn new and develop existing millinery skills, including 2-day and weekend courses.

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uk flagJanie Lashford's School of Millinery

based: Worcestershire, UK

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Hat making courses of various durations, for all from experienced milliners to beginners and teaching traditional couture millinery.

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uk flagJeanne Bjorn

based: Oregon, USA

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Studio based hat and shoe making multi-day workshops in Portland, Oregon.

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Louise Macdonald Milliner

based: Victoria, Australia

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Learn new and traditional hat-making techniques with one of Australia's leading milliners; a millinery summer school and 5-day courses available.

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uk flagRose Cory Millinery Courses

based: London, UK

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Five-day hat-making courses, including cocktail, felt, straw and leather hats and bridal head-dress making.

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floral vintage hatOther sites of interest for hat makers and milliners

Ideas and suggestions to help you build hats and millinery into your travels; including permenent exhibitions and collections, hat museums Worldwide, and hat themed events.

Hat Works Museum: in in Stockport in Greater Manchester, is home to the only museum in the UK about hats and the hatting industry; it has recreated a hat factory including restored and working hat-making machinery and also houses a collection of more than 400 hats from around the world. Hat Works also runs temporary exhibitions and hand-on events.

Victoria & Albert Museum – Hats: the V&A in London, is home to one of the World's best collections of millinery. This extensive collection of headgear is a record of changes in hat and headwear fashion over the past seventeen centuries.

Het Hoedenmuseum: a hat museum in Utrecht, in the Netherlands, home to a collection of contemporary and vintage headgear from Dutch milliners.

Museo dell'Arte del Cappello: the Museum of the Art of Hat-making in Piedmont, Northern Italy, is located on the site of a former factory and covers the history of Italian hat production.

Kaiser Franz Joseph Hutmuse: Emperor Franz Joseph Hat Museum in Vienna showcases hats from the time of Emperor Franz Joseph I, it's an interactive museum where visitors can wear Viennese hat while viewing exibits!

London Hat Week: an annual event, London Hat Week showcases hat related events right across London – it celebrates the art of hats and headgear in the city which is home to many of the World's most talented hat designers and makers. It includes millinery classes and workshops across London, teaching a wide range of hat making skills.

Royal Ascot: the horse racing event that's often heralded as a major millinery fashion event in its own right! Find out how to get there and check out their style guide to find out what to wear and take a look at the Royal Ascot Millinery Collective.