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uk flagAbsolute Africa

based: London, UK
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From Tanzania to Namibia, Absolute Africa offer a wide range of overlanding safari and adventure trips in Africa. The company operates ten overland trucks in East and Southern Africa. Tours run from 4 to over 70 days in length.

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uk flagHaiwei Trails
based: Yunnan, China
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A small UK/US company operating out of Lijiang in Yunnan Province in Southwest China. Specialises in guided holidays and tours in China and Tibet, including walking and trekking tours, 4WD and overlanding trips.

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usa flagInfinite Adventures

based: Arizona, USA

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A small travel company offering unique small-group overland trips in North America, in a remodelled school bus. Overlanding adventure and wilderness camping trips from Alaska and Canada to the National Parks of Western America

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uk flagMadventure

based: Berkshire, UK

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Specialist overland adventure tour company; offering some true adventures on some unique expeditions, try: Overland London to Sydney, Alaska to Brazil, Beijing to Istanbul Silk Road, Central Asia Overland and Overland Istanbul to Kathmandu.

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Oasis Overland five star Featured Site

based: Somerset, UK

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Overland adventure holiday specialist offering over 100 once-in-a-lifetime overland tours. These come in three styles: Classic Overland Adventures, 19-days to 15-weeks, with travel in overland trucks. Ultimate Expeditions which go from 9-38 weeks, and shorter Regional Explorers trips which are small group trips of 8-27 days.

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uk flagOverlanding West Africa
based: Suffolk, UK
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Overlanding adventure travel, running trips between October and May (dry season) each year. There is a choice of routes, Northbound Ghana to Morocco, and Southbound Senegal to Burkina Faso; each trip passing through a number of countries. Join for any single trip, or combine two or three for an epic overland adventure.

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uk flagSTA Travel five star Featured Site

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STA logoOverland trips and truck-based adventures, offering a stunning choice of over 270 trips and 55 countries Worldwide. Trips of all lengths, from an epic 207-day journey from Tierra Del Fuego to Anchorage, taking in fourteen countries; to a three-week trip from Kathmandu to Mumbai.

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Topdeck have a number of overlanding trips, mainly in Southern Africa and Australia; trips like Cape Town to Nairobi through eight countries; or crossing Australia south to north, Adelaide to Darwin – to find them use the home page search box, just add the keyword 'overland' to the keywords box and then hit 'Find My Trip'.

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uk flagTourRadar five star Featured Site

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Tourradar logoTourRadar showcase a worldwide selection of over 250 overlanding holidays, offered by a wide range of suppliers, large and small. Choose from one of the classic overland trips, to more unusual options from smaller and specialist travel companies.

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Overland Ireland

based: Co. Galway, Ireland

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Short, small-group, guided overland tours along the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland's spectacular coastal route.

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Peterpans Adventure Travel

based: New Zealand

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New Zealand guided overland tours, whether it's the North Island, the South Island, or even the whole amazing country!

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It's all about the journey – this section lists overlanding trips, packages that involve a touring journey of some distance, travelling from place to place using overland vehicles, usually purpose-built trucks or buses (coaches) kitted out for long distance travel and often with all-terrain capability.


Overlanding trip style
overland truckThese will be guided group trips focused on adventure and getting off the beaten track. Along the way they will visit iconic sites and popular tourist destinations as well as the backcountry, experiencing amazing scenery and culture on the way. Overland trucks will be fitted out for the journey, the aim being reasonable self-sufficiency. Trucks will probably have facilities such as fridges, music systems and plentiful storage for luggage, tents and cooking equipment. Trip accommodation is basic and will most often be camping, although a few trucks are fitted with internal bunks and some tours make of hostels and budget hotels in more built-up areas.


Length of trip

Overland holidays cover most of the globe and are generally longer trips, ideal as gap year travel. The longest may be several months and they can cover huge distances; but shorter overlanding experiences are also available, offering trips of several weeks; or even shorter, holiday-length, trips for people who can't get away for longer tours but who still want an overlanders experience.


Overlanding trips include a driver, but if you're interested in driving yourself on a journey like this, take a look at our self-drive, guided motorhome, or motorcycle sections.