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Are you plane mad?
A section for aviation and plane enthusiasts and covering anything plane and flight related that's not already covered in one of our other air sports sections.

Apps for plane spotters & aviation enthusiasts
Plane Spotter, this iPhone/iPad app allows you to search the Federal Aviation Administration database by entering the aircraft tail number.
Plane Finder, an iPhone/iPad app that lets you see a plane's flight number, registration, speed and altitude by pointing your phone camera at the plane.
AirReg, an Android app allowing you view the details of a plane by entering its registration number.



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Planes, flying adventures, air show packages
& plane spotter hotels

based: Odiliapeel, Netherlands
Dedicated tours specialising in military aviation for aircraft spotters, and general tours for anyone with an interest in aviation, including air shows, behind the scenes visits to air bases, airports or aircraft manufacturing plants.
| planes | Worldwide |

uk flag Aviation Society (The)
based: Manchester, UK
A members society offering short breaks and weekend tours for members and non-members, visiting UK airports and aviation museums and staying at airport hotels. Also runs the weekend Aviation and Transport Fair at the Airports Runway Visitor Park at Manchester Airport.
| planes | UK |

Avtours Australia
based: Australia
Affordable travel and tours for New Zealand and Australian aviation enthusiasts. With trips to events such as: Air Venture Oshkosh, Warbirds over Wanaka, Classic Fighters and national and international airshows such as: Sun & Fun, Farnborough, Duxford, Dubai and MAKS.
| planes | Australia | New Zealand | UK | USA | Russia |

uk flag British Aviation Enthusiasts Society
The BAES is a non-profit making society which arranges tours and holidays, visiting airports, airfields, air forces, museums and collections worldwide, focused on aviation photography. Also flights in old exotic and famous aircraft.
| planes | UK |

Country of Tourism
based: Moscow, Russia
video: watch video
Flights in military fighter-jets (MiG-29, MiG-31, MiG-21) at Sokol airbase in Russia. Offering a range of jet fighter flight programs using Russian military fighter jets, including high performance aerobatics flights. Also jet rides and space adventures.
| planes | Russia |

 Fighter Combat International
based: Arizona, USA
Air combat and fighter pilot adventures in Arizona. Flying a high performance aerobatic plane; trained military fighter pilots will give a tactical briefing, air combat flying, formation, flying and debriefing, with opportunities for to guests take the controls.
| planes | USA |

uk flag Waddington International Airshow
based: Lincolnshire, UK
Air show hospitality including a VIP package staying in a top class Lincolnshire hotel. The packages is made up of an overnight stay, a return transfer to the show by JetRanger helicopter and an exclusive hospitality day at the show.
| planes | helicopter | England |

uk flag Aeroprints
based: Hampshire, UK
Aircraft enthusiasts holidays and tours to airports, museums, factories, military bases and airfields; also spotting weekenders.
| planes | Worldwide |
based: Odiliapeel, The Netherlands
Guided multi-day international civil aviation tours for enthusiasts, visiting airports and air shows across the globe.
| planes | Worldwide |

 Incredible Adventures
based: Florida, USA & Moscow, Russia
Fighter jet flights in four countries, space adventures at Star City, three different great white shark dives, military adventures around the world, and much more.
| astronomy/space | planes | parachuting/skydiving/parascending | swimming with sharks | military vehicles | USA | Russia | Space! |

usa flag Marine Military Academy
based: Texas, USA
Summer camp programs for boys and youths aged 13-17, various activities on offer.
| planes | shooting | USA |

Space Travellers
based: Waldesch, Germany
Orbital and sub-orbital flights, jet fighter programs, cosmonaut training and astronomy tours.
| astronomy/space | planes | Germany | Peru | Space! |


Video showing Country of Tourism fighter plane flights, aerobatics and 'Edge of Space' flights.

Other useful sites for plane enthusiasts:
• Plane spotters information, an article from the BBC News about plane spotters and how they are viewed by those that don't share the hobby, particularly airport security and particularly outside of the UK.


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