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Tourradar logoOver 200 wildlife tours and safaris from many different suppliers, all in one place. From conventional safaris, to unusual trips like a Magdalen Is. harp seal tour, gray whale/sea turtle adventures, snow monkeys in Japan, or wildlife tours in the National Parks of the American Northwest ...

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TourRadar – Honeymoon Safari Packages
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A special selection of Honeymoon safari holidays in Africa, be it Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa or Botswana. A safari honeymoon promises an action-packed trip you'll both never forget. Also offering some of the very best beaches destinations for relaxing in after adventures in the bush – a honeymoon combined safari/beach holiday makes a perfect combination!

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Based in San Cristobal Island, Touring Galapagos offers true local expertise for Galapagos Islands travel. They offer tailor-made itineraries and strive to offer the most unique and creative luxury experiences that Ecuador and Galapagos offer. Their natural history tour itineraries include top locations, with snorkeling and day tours using reliable Galapagos Yachts, Hotels, Tent Camps and highly rated Naturalist Guides.

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African safaris and beach holidays – Travel Butlers are specialists in tailor-made safaris to South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia; and beach holidays to Indian Ocean islands including Zanzibar, Mauritius and the Seychelles.

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Unforgettable Travel

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Bespoke worldwide luxury private tours, hand crafted by experts. Journey types include: honeymoons, wildlife holidays and African safaris, food and wine tours, cultural and heritage trips, small ship cruises, family adventures, luxury train travel, beach breaks, luxury active travel, multi-centre holidays and luxury road trips.

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Whether it's a trekking expedition to discover mountain gorillas, a conservation tour in Belize, or a wildlife photography trip in Alaska, UpTrek has an adventure for you. UpTrek offers small-group adventures led by expert local guides, complete with accommodation, meals, private transportation, permits and fees, exciting trips, tours, and other activities.

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Scientific Exploration Society (The)

based: Dorset, UK

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Registered charity offering a worldwide programme of expeditions, supporting scientific, conservation and education projects.

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Snow Leopard Conservancy (The)

based: Ladakh, India

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Wintertime snow leopard treks and expeditions in Ladakh, a tracking trip during the snow leopard mating season for the best possibility of seeing them in the wild.

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Speyside Wildlife

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Wildlife holiday tour operator based within the Cairngorms National Park in the Scottish Highlands. They offer all-inclusive wildlife watching holidays, vacations and day guiding trips.

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Welsh Wildlife Breaks

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Short escorted birdwatching and wildlife holidays to some of Wales' richest wildlife areas, through all seasons including nesting time, winter wildlife, autumn colour and the glory of spring and summer.

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Planning a wildlife holiday: safari styles
(Part 2, article continued from previous page – start from beginning here».)

Tanzania, Masek LodgeHoneymoon safaris are as popular as ever and are often offered as as dedicated packages, perhaps including special features and extras for the bride and groom. These sort of packages will use the most romantic destinations and accommodation, perhaps secluded villas or extreme luxury camps. Many are offered as a safari/beach combination, for example teaming a safari in Tanzania or Kenya with the beaches of Zanzibar, or a South African safari with a beach break in Mozambique or Mauritius. If you're looking for a honeymoon safari package then compare it with similar trips that don't carry the 'honeymoon' label – while you'll sometimes find there are discounts and special offers for honeymooners, you'll also find some load the price the other way.


Something to look out for, a few travel companies offer a wedding/honeymoon gift list service that allows contributions to be made towards the cost of the honeymoon instead of the usual toasters and towels. Also see the Travel-Quest honeymoon section here».

Budget safaris, at the other end of the scale many people are looking for an economical safari.


One option is an African overlanding tour, this will enable you to see a lot of the continent and it's wildlife at a reasonable cost. It's also one of the safest ways to get in some budget animal viewing, particularly for people travelling solo – also look at the Travel-Quest overlanding section here».


An alternative is to make it a DIY trip and look at hostels like the Enchoro Wildlife Camp» in the Maasai Mara Reserve, Kenya's top safari destination. This sort of hostel offers basic budget accommodation and there are usually guides available to book as required – look for more budget safari hostels here».


Self-drive is another option for a less expensive trip, see below.

Safari self-drive jeep with roof tentSelf-drive safaris can be achieved by simply booking car hire from the airport and using the metalled roads and basic safari lodges in the National Parks. Or it can be a much more adventurous affair that uses 4x4 vehicles fully equipped for camping in the bush. Some of these come fitted with roof-top tents which adds a whole new dimension to the camping experience, offering a safe haven and a great vantage point – above roaming animals and below the stars. Dedicated 4x4 camper vans are another option, or the lodges can be used instead. Guided self-drive is yet another option – here a number of vehicles will travel together with an experienced safari guide showing the way in a lead vehicle.


With plenty of forward planning self-drive can be done as a DIY trip, but there are companies offering to package it up and who will deal with: vehicle rental, camping equipment, lodge bookings, planning and itineraries and the booking of extras like add-on guided safaris or beach accommodation. When looking for a travel company to set up a self-drive trip, look for one that offers vehicles with things like: long-range fuel tanks, fridges, air-conditioning, extra spares, maps and GPS, radios/phones, and a support service that will help if you run into problems.


Be aware that in many African countries and in most National Parks you are not allowed to drive off-road, also that you will almost certainly have to camp in designated camping areas, although these are often unfenced and allow animals to roam within them. Each country has it's own rules, so do your research if you're on a DIY trip, or ask your travel company if you've gone for a package.

Specialist safaris offer a whole other range of options, from the more standard walking and fly-in trips; to the very niche: safaris by elephant, on horseback, for photography, via rivers, and accessible safaris for those with disabilities. And then there are primate safaris, migration safaris focused on the annual movements of particular herds (wildebeest, gazelle or zebra etc.), family safaris, marine conservation, wildlife volunteering and overland tours. These are covered in our sub-categories, see the index at the top of the page»