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Rollerblading, inline skating & roller skating holidays & courses


LONDON, UK: SkateLondon

The SkateLondon festival is the place to watch some stunning skating technique (see video above), this annual event takes place in the summer and includes battle slalom, classic style slalom, speed slalom, a jump competition, slides competition and other events plus some non-competitors events and lessons. Transport and accommodation information available on site.

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EUROPE: Weekend road skating city breaks

These are not organised packages but there is nothing stopping you from joining in some of the European (and US) day-tours, skate nights and events, usually city based and often around weekends. Just add some city break accommodation and a flight or ferry crossing and you have your own DIY skate holiday:
LONDON: LFNS (London Friday Night Skate) runs 10-15 mile street skates every Friday and 'The Sunday Stroll', a similar event every Sunday afternoon. Get a feel for the event from the video below. To make a full weekend of it there is also the ESS (The Easy Saturday Skate) in Battersea Park every Saturday morning.

PARIS: Pari Roller the most well known of the night skating tours, free and open to any experienced skater, these run on Friday nights, starting at 10:00 pm for a 3-hour skate through the city on a different route of about 30 km each week. See video below:

NETHERLANDS: Skate Fun covers numerous regular Dutch skate events in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Haarlem, including, at certain times of the year, some special interest tours like a flower tour, a ferry tour crossing numerous waterways or a special Christmas skate [site is in Dutch].
USA: WNS is the Wednesday Night Skate in New York; TRIC (Three Rivers Inline Club) holds multiple weekly skates in Pittsburgh, each targeted at skaters of different abilities, and the Los Angeles Friday Night Skate is a group street skate with music.

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Planet Roller

based: Paris, France


Organizing small group rollerblading trips around the world, skating with the locals in destinations like Cuba, Tunisia, the US, Holland and Albania. [NB French language site.]

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based: Amsterdam, Netherlands


Skate travel agency in Holland, offering tours and holidays to destinations like London, Paris, New York, Barcelona, Nice, Berlin, and the Netherlands, all using inline skates.

| rollerblading/inline & roller skating | France | UK | Spain | Netherlands | Germany |


Skate Fun

based: South Holland, Netherlands


Skate trips to Paris and Berlin, joining the famous friday night Pari Roller in Paris or the skate marathon in Berlin. These trips also allow plenty of time for shopping, cultural visits and general sightseeing. [NB Dutch language site.]

| rollerblading/inline & roller skating | France | Germany |


TNS – Tuesday Night Skating Frankfurt

based: Frankfurt, Germany


Offering skating trips and tours to a range of destinations that include Mallorca, Cuba, a Passau to Vienna tour, Le Mans Grand Prix circuit, Florida and California in the US and Luxor in Egypt. [NB German language site.]

| rollerblading/inline & roller skating | Cuba | Spain | Austria | France | USA | Egypt |


Woodward Camps

based: Pennsylvania, USA


Residential summer camps and family weekend getaways that include a dedicated inline program with daily instruction, instructional games and contests and some fantastic skate facilities.

| rollerblading/inline & roller skating | USA |


Zephyr Adventures

based: Montana, USA


Whether you are an experienced inline skater or have never had inline skates on your feet, Zephyr Inline Skate Tours have an active skating vacation just for you. They have skate tours in eleven U.S. and European locations. And Skate Tours for all ability levels and interest ranges, including those of you who have never yet tried the sport, plus multi sport tours for people who also like to bike or hike.

| rollerblading/inline & skating | USA | Switzerland | France | Holland |


Camp Rollerblade

based: Montana, USA


Camp Rollerblade weekend camps and rollerblading vacations across North America.

| rollerblading/inline & roller skating | USA |


uk flag Citiskate

based: London, UK


Inline skating courses with professionals, regular London Friday-night skates and occasional weekend and overseas skating trips.

| rollerblading/inline & roller skating | Europe |


Experts In Speed

based: Germany


Inline speed skate training camps in Sardinia and Cyprus; 5-day camp package for fitness and speed skaters. [NB German language site.]

| rollerblading/inline & roller skating | Italy | Cyprus |



based: Bavaria, Germany


Inline skating on cycle paths and quiet side roads for those at all levels, from pleasure to racing skaters.

| rollerblading/inline & roller skating | Germany |


Katukiitäjät – Street Gliders

based: Finland


Finish skating association offering in-line skating tours to cities in Finland and Europe.

| rollerblading/inline & roller skating | Finland | Europe |


Skate Tours Berlin

based: Berlin, Germany


Specialists for inline skating travel and tours using skate routes at a range of European destinations.

| rollerblading/inline & roller skating | Denmark | France | Germany |


Swiss Trails

based: Zurich, Switzerland


Inline skate tours and routes along the river banks in the Rhine valley and in other areas of Switzerland.

| rollerblading/inline & roller skating | Switzerland |


Other interesting and useful sites for skaters:

One of a kind, the National Museum of Roller Skating in Lincoln, Nebraska in the USA hosts the World's largest collection of historical roller skates.


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