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Stag weekends abroad are becoming more and more popular as young British men set out to celebrate their last nights of freedom in style. This article investigates the most popular destinations for a stag weekend abroad.


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Stag weekends abroad, the hot destinations for a stag weekend to remember

The ritual is alive and kicking but stag parties and stag nights have evolved since the days of a few (did we say few?) pints down the pub followed by strapping the groom, naked, to a lampost with cling film. These days it's more likely to be a stag weekend than a stag night and, for a growing percentage, it's a stag weekend abroad rather than one at the nearest pub or nightclub. So which are the most popular overseas stag party destinations?

Let's face it most stag groups don't go abroad for the culture, the usual requirements are somewhere easy to get to, that isn't going to cost the earth, that has great nightlife, cheap beer and which probably offers some exciting daytime adrenalin activities too – some gorgeous women somewhere in this mix don't go amiss either!

Dublin stag weekends
Closest to home there is Dublin, an old favourite but still very popular – abroad, but not abroad with its familiar pubs, familiar beers (home to the Guinness brewery at St James' Gate) and familiar language. Dublin has acquired a reputation for being one of the party capitals of Europe and has no shortage of pubs and bars to visit. Beware, however, because many of the bars in the central quarter of Temple Gate have now banned stags and hens. This can be got around by splitting the stag party into smaller groups to gain entry or by travelling with one of the many stag weekend companies who should be able to advise on the best places to go or on good alternatives outside the central area. Dublin is well covered by many of the companies listed in our stag and hen weekend section and some of them can offer alternative destinations in the Republic as well.

Now it's more likely to be a stag weekend than a stag night and, for a growing percentage, it's a stag weekend abroad rather than one at the nearest pub or nightclub.

Amsterdam stag weekends
Amsterdam is still a draw, being close to the UK and having a reputation for its bars, its red light district and its liberal atmosphere – but check out prices before you go, its beer prices, for example, are some of the highest among the popular stag weekend destinations. It can also be difficult for independent stag party groups to get into some of the clubs so allowing a stag weekend company to organise it for you is a good option.

Eastern Europe
If beer prices are your concern then Prague in the Czech Republic is worth a look; Prague has become a popular choice in recent years and offers some very good deals. Coming up the ranks – and all incredably good value – are other eastern European countries including Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland – or what about Romania? The Baltic States can offer some exciting alternatives in the action activities stakes too. How about machine gunning pictures of the groom or tank driving for example?

Stag weekends in the sun
One of the attractions of 'abroad' is sunshine so why not consider heading south to the sun and to one of Spain's party cities or beach resorts. Madrid and Barcelona are two of the top stag party choices and both appear as destinations for many of the stag weekend companies we list. Less obvious, but no less sunny alternatives are Portugal and Italy.

Pushing the boat out
If you've got a bit more to spend and want it to be a weekend you'll never forget there are some really interesting destinations on offer. What about Iceland, where you can snowmobile during the day before hitting the bars and nightspots of Reykjavik by night; Las Vegas, where you can try out adrenalin activities in the Nevada Desert before taking in the casinos on the strip for the evening. Or what about a stags ski weekend in Europe, or a long stag weekend in New York – we've even seen Hong Kong on offer but, be warned, it doesn't come cheap!

You name it and one of the stag weekend companies we list probably already does it and even if they don't several of them are willing to tailor-make a stag weekend abroad to your exact specifications.

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