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Bushcraft training, tracking and survival courses, wilderness holidays and back country weekends; schools teaching the skills required to survive living in the wild. Also specialist survival courses for particular conditions including: snow and winter, desert and water.

Highland estate gets funding
From: The Scotsman
The Highland Alvie Estate has now got funding to expand its adventure activities, including bushcraft, paintball, zip wire and quad bike courses.
UK survival skills boot camps
From: TNT Magazine
Comparing boot camp style survival courses run by top names such as Bear Grylls, Ray Mears and John (Lofty) Wiseman, author of The SAS Survival Handbook.
What to Carry for Fire Starting
From: Outdoor Life
Listing survival gear essentials this article shows what's needed to create an effective kit for starting a fire.
Sunk Boat Crew Member Lived for 2 Days in an Air Bubble
From: Sail World
An amazing story of survival against the odds, when a crew member of a sunk tug boat lived for two days in an air bubble before being rescued.

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Survival courses, tracking, wilderness
& bushcraft training

usa flag Ancient Pathways
based: Arizona, USA
A program of courses offering hands-on training covering wilderness survival, bushcraft and the learning of primitive skills; specializing in desert survival and a range of techniques for outdoor safety.
| survival courses | USA |

uk flag Bison Bushcraft
website: Bison
A range of courses in various locations in Kent and East Sussex. Learn skills that include the making of knives, scabbards and English longbows; as well as wilderness first aid, firecraft, working with leather and wood, and wildfood cookery and baking.
| survival courses | England |

uk flag Desert Ways
based: Bedfordshire, UK
Desert survival training trips in the Moroccan Sahara. An intensive practical course covering topics such as: off-road driving, vehicle recovery and repair, shelter construction, getting water, fire lighting and signaling, navigation and all about the desert environment.
| survival courses | Morocco |

uk flag Hidden Woods
based: N E Somerset, UK
Purpose-built woodland camp near Bath, offering bushcraft weekends for families. Learn skills like shelter building, woodland crafts and fire making. Enjoy overnight camping, campfire cooking, dawn walks and storytelling around the fire pit. Camps run in all weathers and there are large group shelters for rainy days.
| survival courses | England |

uk flag Icicle
based: Cumbria, UK
Weekend snow survival courses in Chamonix, covering snowshelters and snowholes, avalanche awareness and snow pack assesment, transceiver use, winter navigation, snow pack travel, trip planning ...
| survival courses | France |

usa flag Primal-Knowledge
based: Maryland, USA
Weekend courses teaching primitive survival skills, covering topics such as flint knapping, trapping, bow and arrow making, cordage making, primitive fishing, deer hide tanning, pottery, fire building and survival shelters.
| survival | USA |

Rangers Survivalcraft
based: Italy
A range of basic to advanced bushcraft and survival courses dealing with real world issues from the Rangers Bush & Field Craft Lodge in Italy and in South Africa, the UK and the US.
| survival | Italy | South Africa | UK | USA |

uk flag Sea Survival
based: Devon, UK
Practical UK based sea survival training courses for recreational and commercial seamen. The course teaches the use of a life raft and it's equipment, about life jackets, self help and what to do without a life raft. Previous experience not required.
| survival | England | Scotland |

 BOSS: The British Offshore Sailing School
based: Hampshire, UK
The British Offshore Sailing School; sailing is more fun when you know the ropes.
| day sailing | first aid courses | survival courses | UK |

Bushcraft Ireland
based: Ireland
Survival school offering a variety of 2-day and weekend courses covering bushcraft skills; including a family weekend and a wilderness first aid course.
| survival courses | Ireland |

usa flag Earthwalk Northwest
based: Washington, USA
Programs focusing on primitive living and earth awareness including such skills as bow, and arrow making, cheese making, fire by friction, herbal soap making, animal tracking, traditional tanning and wilderness survival techniques.
| country crafts | herb | survival courses | soap making | USA |

usa flag Midwest Native Skills Institute
based: Ohio, USA
A wilderness/outdoor school offering a variety of courses in wilderness survival.
| survival courses | country crafts | herb | reiki | USA |

 Outdoor Extreme
based: East Ayrshire, Scotland, UK
Survival and team building courses in Scotland, to suit all ages and gender.
| survival courses | team building/management courses | Scotland |

 National Tracking School
based: West Yorkshire, UK
Offering a wide range of one-, three- and five-day professional tracking and survival courses.
| survival courses | UK |

 Shadowhawk Tracker School
Offering a range of tracker courses including courses tracking wildlife and people, and specialist advanced courses: 'mastertracking', mantracking and combat/tactical tracking.
| survival courses | UK | Namibia | Portugal | Poland |

 True North
based: Oxfordshire, UK
Wilderness open canoe trips teaching canoecraft, wilderness living and bushcraft in various locations.
| survival courses | Scotland | Sweden | Norway | Finland |

uk flag Wilderness First Aid Ltd
based: East Sussex, UK
Bushcraft, survival and rescue techniques combined with HSE approved first aid training.
| first aid courses | survival courses | UK |

Wild Tracking
based: Canada
Bush craft and tracking expeditions in Canada's arctic tundra, boreal forest and the Great Bear rain forest.
| survival courses | Canada |



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Travel-quest's survival courses, tracking, wilderness & bushcraft training section lists organisations running schools, courses, weekends , holiday trips and expeditions teaching survival skills and bushcraft techniques, including back country and outdoor living; people, animal and wildlife tracking skills; wilderness first aid; winter and desert survival; the skills of the woodman; bow making and archery; wild food identification, foraging and wilderness cooking,

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