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US flagSacred Sites International Foundation

based: California, USA

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Sacred Sites International Foundation based: California, USA website: A non-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation of natural and built sacred sites and their traditional culture. Travel to these sites is offered through their study tours, which are learning vacations exploring diverse cultures and sacred traditions.

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Sacred Site Tours

based: Ireland
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Tours to Ireland's sacred sites, rich in folklore, mythology and history. Visit locations such as the Grange Stone Circle, the Burren Region, Rathcroghan Royal Site, Hill of Ward, Hill of Tara, the Boyne Valley, Loughcrew, Kildare and Brighid, Tailteann, Uisneac, Inis Mór and Fore Abbey.

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US flagChet Snow's Crop Circle & Ancient Mysteries Tours

based: Arizona, USA

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Crop circles and sacred site tours to England, France and Germany.

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uk flagEarth Mysteries and Sacred Site Tours

based: Powys, Wales, UK

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Trips exploring the earth's mysteries in the UK; with tours to sacred sites, ancient historic locations and mythological places.

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US flagGrail Productions

based: Arizona, USA

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Participants on these sacred sites tours in the US and to Europe are taught to experience the trip as a metaphor for gaining higher levels of spiritual consciousness.

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US flagPower Places Tours

based: Virgin Islands, USA

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There are places in this world that have proven their power to energize, to heal, and to transform. They are waiting for you now ...

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US flagSacred Adventures

based: California, USA

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Sacred trips in South America including tours to the Land of the Maya, Peru and Bolivia.

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Snow White Treks and Tours

based: Thimphu, Bhutan

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Providing a simple, homely service, offering a memorable journey to remember for your entire life.

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Sacred sites, the Travel-Quest definition

At Travel-Quest we're using this category mainly to list holidays and tours to ancient religious, spiritual, mystical and mythological sites and locations, as distinct from sacred places associated with the living religions (these can be found here»).


This will include holidays and tours to places as diverse as ancient standing stones and stone circles like those at Stonehenge and Avebury in the UK, the Nazca lines in Peru, the Moai monolithic figures on Easter Island, crop circles and ley lines, Uluru (Ayers Rock) in central Australia, and locations associated with the world's ancient gods and godesses, legendry heros and royalty.