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Country of Tourism

based: Moscow, Russia
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Space adventures in Russia, from the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center they offer a range trips from spacecraft landing trips to suborbital flight training, to a to 2-week cosmonaut space training experience. They also arrange tours to Cosmodrome Baikonur during space launches.

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Spaceport Sweden

based: Lapland, Sweden
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For an even closer look at the Northern Lights in Kiruna, Swedish Lapland, this very unique space tourism flight starts with a briefing at the famous IceHotel (where you can also stay). Spaceport Sweden has been set up to advance Swedish space tourism, so expect more amazing tours like this in the future!

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The Observatory

located: Waterberg, South Africa

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An utterly unique and amazing luxury property with its own research-grade telescope and observatory tower from which to view the stars or watch surrounding game. This exceptional and exclusive bush villa is available to one couple/group at a time and sleeps 4–6 adults and 4–5 children.

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based: Santiago/Nunoa, Chile

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Astronomy tour packages in San Pedro de Atacama and Elqui Valley, Chile.

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COAA – Centro de Observacao Astronomica no Algarve

based: Algarve, Portugal

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Astronomy holiday centre, the Algarve, giving amateur astronomers the opportunity to use larger telescopes under exceptionally favourable observing conditions.

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uk flagSpace Adventures

based: Virginia, USA

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The World's leading space tourism company, go into space or experience space travel from the earth.

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Sun Star France

based: Provence, France

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Astronomy holidays in a renovated Provence-style farmhouse with its own observatory.

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uk flagIncredible Adventures

based: Florida, USA & Moscow, Russia

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Fighter jet flights in four countries, space adventures at Star City, three different great white shark dives, military adventures around the world, and much more.

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uk flagThe Travelling Naturalist

based: Dorset, UK

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Specialist tour operator, with an aim to provide the most enjoyable guided wildlife holidays possible!

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uk flagVirgin Galactic

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Virgin Galactic, the world's first spaceline, operating its own privately built spaceships and offering opportunities for ordinary people to go into space as non-professional astronauts.

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Space resorts and hotels in space

Galactic Suite SpaceresortTaking a look at what Galactic Suite Group are planning gives us a glimpse into the future for space tourism, they plan the Galactic Suite Spaceresort – the first space hotel housed within a mini space station orbiting in low earth orbit and dedicated to accommodating private passengers. Guests would experience weightlessness and amazing views into space, with 16 sunrises and sunsets a day on offer. It's envisaged that space tourists would stay in the space hotel for short periods of 4 to 6 days. Galactic Suite Group's ultimate goal is to develop the world's first space hotel chain, making space tourism truly accessible to the public.