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uk flagAfrica Odyssey

based: London, UK
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Tailor-made African safaris and African honeymoons. Africa Odyssey specialises in remote safaris to Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia, and beach breaks to the Indian Ocean islands including Zanzibar, Mauritius and the Seychelles.

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uk flagAigas Field Centre

based: Inverness-shire, Scotland, UK
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Discover the wildlife of Scotland on ready-made or tailored nature and wildlife holidays, including animal and bird watching, wildlife and nature photography; see pine martens, badgers, otters, beavers, dolphins, red deer, capercaillie, red squirrels, ospreys, red kites ... Accommodation is in timber lodges in the arboretum of the House of Aigas. Specialist small group tours also catered for.

| animal/safari | whale/dolphin watching | birdwatching | photographic | Scotland |


uk flag Bird ID Company (The)

based: Norfolk, UK
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Offering a variety of birdwatching tours across East Anglia, visiting well-known reserves and other birding sites in Suffolk and Norfolk. Scheduled tours range from 1 to 5-days and cater for all abilities, from novice birdwatchers to the more experienced, who may be targeting specific species.

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uk flagCambrian Bird Holidays

based: Ceredigion, Wales, UK
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Small family-run travel company offering tours to view the bird life and natural history of Ireland and Wales, guided by a professional ornithologist. Holidays will feature the key West Wales resident birds including red kites, peregrines, stonechats, choughs, ravens and dippers, and will include a boat trip to one of the Pembrokeshire islands, Skomer or Ramsey to visit seabird colonies.

| birdwatching | Wales | Ireland |


Catalan Bird Tours

based: Barcelona, Spain
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Guided birding breaks in Catalonia in NE Spain, bespoke or scheduled group birdwatchers holidays, in an area offering a wide range of habitats and an ideal location to observe bird migrations.

| birdwatching | Spain |


uk flagG Adventures five star Featured Site

based: Canada, London & Worldwide

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G Adventures logoUnique and authentic global adventure travel experiences for those willing to go beyond conventional tourism. Wide range of trips for animal and nature lovers, such as game and wildlife viewing, safaris, Galapagos trips, Antarctica, rainforests, cloud forests, volcanoes, hot springs, bird watching and river journeys. Ethical and sustainable tourism at its best.

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uk flagMid-Wales Birdwatching Holidays

based: Ceredigion, Wales, UK
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Escorted bird watching breaks from a base at the western edge of the Cambrian Mountains, offering a rich variety of birdlife throughout the year, with accommodation in a small, country hotel offering comfortable rooms and good food. Holidays are led by an experienced local guide and birdwatching novices are welcomed.

| birdwatching | Wales |


Rickshaw Travel – Borneo

based: East Sussex, UK

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Discover the adventure and wild beauty of Borneo: stay in jungle lodges, listen to the sounds of hornbills, spot endangered orangutans, take a mountain trek above the clouds on Mt Kinabalu, meet indigenous tribes and relax with some down time on the tropical island paradise of Lankayan Island.

| animals/safari | sightseeing | trekking peaks | native peoples | birdwatching | Borneo |


uk flagRufflets Country House Hotel
Fife, Scotland, UK

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A 4-star country house hotel just 1 mile from St Andrews, offering a variety of short breaks, including weekends, romantic and Valentine, Christmas and birdwatching breaks and golf packages. Rufflets has been in the same family ownership since 1952, and offers a relaxing atmosphere to get away from it all.

| weekends/short breaks | Christmas/New Year | valentines | romantic | golf | bird watching | Scotland |


uk flagBirdquest

based: Lancashire, UK

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One of the top bird tour companies, offering exciting, friendly, small-group birding holidays.

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Isafold Travel

based: Gardabaer, Iceland

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Isafold Travel specialises in personal service and private tours for small groups in Iceland.

| winter walking | birdwatching | freshwater fishing/angling | weather watching | Iceland |


Kiwi Wildlife Tours

based: Warkworth, New Zealand

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Discover the unique native birds and animals of New Zealand in some of the most wild, beautiful places on earth.

| animals/safari | birdwatching | New Zealand |


Lingkor Tours & Treks

based: Thimphu, Bhutan

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Lingkor Tours and Treks are specialists in journeys to Bhutan, running both packaged and tailor made trips.

| festivals/carnivals | walk/trek/hike | winter walking | bird watching | ethical/ecotourism | tailor made | Bhutan |


uk flagNomad African Travel

based: Hampshire, UK

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Visiting Africa with Nomad is more than just another holiday, it's a complete experience.

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Our selection of top birdwatching destinations

With so many destinations described as a 'birdwatchers paradise' it can be hard to know where to start. Our lists are intended to inspire, they're not so much about the rarity of the species, but about suitability as a holiday destination for birders. They're split into 3 themes with a top selection for each:






These are the 'must see' destinations for birdwatchers, the ones that should appear of every birders bucket list.


1 Iceland

WHY?: The cliffs at Látrabjarg for huge bird populations (northern gannets, guillemots, razorbills and tens of thousands of puffins). Lake Myvatn and it's wetlands for water-birds (up to 16 species of duck). The Snaefellsnes Peninsula and Breidafjordur Bay for a huge range of habitats and variety of species. The geothermal volcanic landscape of the Reykjanes Peninsula for harlequin duck, great northern loons, grebes, cormorants, kittiwakes ... The Westman Islands with steep sea cliffs and plentiful sea-birds. Jokulsargljufur preservation area, home to Dettifoss Europe's most powerful waterfall.


2 Papua New Guinea (PNG)

WHY?: Birding in one of the World's last truly wild and least explored places. Papua New Guinea has earned its place as a classic birdwatching destination, offering habitats from lush mountain forest to coast and tropical lowland. There are at least 760 bird species to be found, from cassowaries and kingfishers to fantails and honeyeaters; in particular it is home to more than 40 species of birds-of-paradise. Papua New Guinea is still building its tourism infrastructure so it might not be the easiest of birding destinations for a DIY trip, but more and more packaged trips there are now becoming available.


3 Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos Blue Footed BoobyWHY?: High on the list of the world's best birding destinations are the volcanic islands of the Galapagos, in the Pacific, 600 miles west of Ecuador. They are a World Heritage Site, a World Biosphere Reserve and, because of their remote location and isolation, home to many unique species. Among the top draws are the Galapagos penguin, frigatebirds, waved albatross, red-billed tropicbird, brown pelicans, great blue heron, and numerous boobys. Possibly the most well known of the land birds are the Darwin's finches (13 species), named for their relevance to the evolutionary theories of Charles Darwin.


4 Antarctica

WHY?: Penguins of course, the symbol of Antarctica. For birders this is not a destination for counting species, rather for immersing oneself in huge numbers of just a few. Antarctica offers vast, beautiful, icy landscapes inhabitated by the four main penguin species (Adelie, Chinstrap, Gentoo and Emperor) in their millions. Visits to Antarctica are carefully controlled and the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators ( provides lots of information.


5 Botswana and the Okavango Delta

WHY?: For the astonishing abundance and diversity of birds in the world's largest inland delta, which drains huge portions of S Africa. A place to spot over 400 species including the African fish eagle, Malachite kingfisher, shoebill storks, hammerkopand, Pel's fishing owl, etc, etc.



Without doubt wetlands are one of the most important bird habitats, used for breeding, feeding, shelter and as a stop-over spot along migratory routes and flyways. You'll find wetlands in our Big Destinations list too.


1 The Brazilian Pantanal

WHY?: The world's largest contiguous tropical wetland, the Pantanal, covers a vast area in the south-west of the country; most of the Pantanal is within Brizil, with much smaller sections in Paraguay and Bolivia. It's made up of a complex system of floodplain, marshland, lagoon and interconnected drainage channels, creating a marvellous habitat for birds. Counts vary, but it's considered to be home to at least 700 different species, including birds such as the jabiru stork and the endangered hyacinth macaw.


2 The Everglades and Southern Florida

WHY?: The Everglades have a unique ecosystem of shallow, slow moving rivers of sawgrass marsh, interspersed with cypress swamp, hardwood hammocks and mangrove forest, covering a vast area from Lake Okeechobee to Florida Bay. The area is well known in birding circles for having the largest concentration of wading birds in America; it's also famous for its alligators! Within the Everglades, the National Park is home to over 360 species, including herons, vultures, pelicans, egrets, storks, pelicans, eagles, owls, ospreys, spoonbills and woodpeckers.


3 The Camargue, France

Camargue birdsWHY?: The Camargue (SE France) is the delta of the River Rhone, is the largest river delta in W Europe and is one of its best known wetlands. It offers a huge diversity of habitat including shallow lakes and lagoons, reedbeds, marshes, stony desert, woodland, limestone hills and mountains. Its emblematic birds, greater flamingos, can be admired in their thousands in the Parc Ornithologique de Pond de Gau bird sanctuary, near Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. But the area is home, or a migratory stop-off, for a huge number of species (over 400) including: herons, eagles, owls, bitterns, storks, ibis and terns.


4 The Danube Delta, Romania

WHY?: The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, on the Black Sea coast, is part of the largest continuous marshland in Europe and has the world's largest reed bed, as well numerous freshwater lakes connected by a network of channels, reed islands, lagoons, marshland, woodland and pasture that attract over 330 bird species. Highlights include the largest colony of pelicans outside of Africa, as well as white storks, spoonbills, herons, ducks, white-tailed eagles, egrets, vultures, cranes, cormorants, warblers, ibis and red-breasted geese. Areas of the wetland can only be accessed by boat or canoe which allows visitors to observe the birds at very close quarters. A permit is required to enter the Biosphere Reserve (included with arranged tours, independent travellers can buy permits from the Reserve administration and Tulcea travel agencies).


5 Kerala backwaters, Southern India
WHY?: Birding in paradise, the Kerala backwaters are an extensive interconnected network of canals, lakes, lagoons and inlets that run along the coast, forming over 900 km of waterway. Fresh water from numerous rivers meets the salt water of the Arabian Sea resulting in a unique ecosystem that attracts birds, other wildlife and lush vegetation. The place to visit is Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary on Vembanad Lake, the largest of the backwater lakes and an excellent spot for seeing migratory birds or breeding resident wetland species, species such as the Indian darter, little cormorant, egrets, kingfishers, herons and white ibis.