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Historical tours and archaeological courses, holidays and vacations – archaeological tours, digs, genealogy and family history, battlefield and war tours and historical tours.

The section on the right deals with archaeological fieldwork opportunities for holidays volunteering and participating in archaeological digs, excavations and archaeological projects in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

    archaeological digs
    archaeological tours
    battlefield tours/war graves tours

    genealogy/family history
    historical tours
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    geological – if you want to go way back in history
    sacred sites – for trips to ancient and modern sacred sites
    native peoples – visit native peoples and learn their histories


Volunteering for archaeological digs & fieldwork

Achill Archaeology Field School
based: Achill Island, Mayo, Ireland
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A well established field school of archaeology which provides opportunities to actively participate in fieldwork on archaeology excavations at sites on Achill Island. Also offering guided tours with qualified archaeologists.
| archaeological digs | Ireland |

uk flag BEVARS
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BEVARS is the British Excavation Volunteers and Archaeological Research Society, a membership organisation providing opportunities for members to engage in practical archaeology research, including fieldwork and work post-excavation.
| archaeological digs | UK |

usa flag Crow Canyon Archaeological Center
based: Colorado, USA
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Archaeology adventures and travel; Crow Canyon is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to understanding and preserving the rich history of the Pueblo people of SW America. Offering a range of US tours and digs and international trips.
| archaeological tours | archaeological digs | USA | Worldwide |

uk flag National Trust (The)
based: London, UK
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National Trust Working Holidays include archaeology digs in locations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland; allowing participants to get involved in existing NT archaeological projects. A perfect way to discover about archaeological sites.
| archaeological digs | UK |

uk flag Vindolanda Charitable Trust
based: Northumberland, UK
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Volunteer opportunities at the excavations at Vindolanda, at the Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site. Roman Vindolanda is the only place on the wall to see archaeologists at work and also accepts volunteers on to work on its excavation.
| archaeological digs | England |

usa flag American Archaeology Abroad
based: USA
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Promotes archaeological and historical knowledge by engaging in research abroad; offering experience opportunities for American volunteers (general public and college students).
| archaeological digs | Worldwide |

Biblical Archaeology Society (BAS)
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BAS connects volunteers with opportunities to participate in archaeological excavations at biblical sites throughout Europe and in the Middle East.
| archaeological digs | Europe | Middle East |

Cornwall Archaeological Society
based: Cornwall, UK
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Membership organisation providing opportunities for members to participate in practical fieldwork and learn about archaeological techniques.
| archaeological digs | England |

Council for British Archaeology (The)
based: Yorkshire, UK
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An independent charity offering a range of events and ways for anyone to participate in archaeology, including volunteer opportunities.
| archaeological digs | UK |

DigVentures Ltd
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Run by archaeologists, DigVentures offers opportunities for 'venturers' to try archaeology and a 'bit of digging' at various sites in the UK.
| archaeological digs | UK |

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International environmental charity that offers a range of archaeological projects including opportunities to take part in excavations and digs worldwide.
| archaeological digs | Worldwide |

usa flag Passport in Time
based: USA
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A preservation and archaeology program run by the US Forest Service and offering volunteer opportunities to work with professional historians and archaeologists in US National Forests.
| archaeological digs | USA |

Scientific Exploration Society (The)
based: Dorset, UK
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Registered charity offering a worldwide programme of expeditions, supporting scientific, conservation and education projects.
| expeditions | animals/safari | geological | archaeological digs | Worldwide |



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