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usa flagLake Placid Skating
New York. USA

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Summer figure skating training programs for skaters, with both adult and junior sessions, basic skills weekends and a special synchronized skating camp. Lake Placid is also home to figure skating championship events.

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uk flagNature Travels
Dorset, UK

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Multi-day skating tours across frozen lakes, skating on clear natural ice – an utterly unique way to experience the beauty and tranquility of the Swedish winter landscape. Tours are lead by experienced local skating guides, who will ensure that your route will have the best possible ice conditions; some previous experience required.

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uk flagNorth West Castle
Stranraer, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland, UK

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The first hotel in the world to offer its own indoor curling rink – known as Stranraer Ice Rink it attracts curlers from all over the world for competitions. Try Curling breaks are available including a coaching and practice session. No specialist equipment is needed and you'll not need skates for this ice rink!

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based: Irkutsk, Russia

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Russian tour operator offering short 4-day wild skating and walking tours on Lake Baikal in Southern Siberia.

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Hotel Post

based: Unken, Austria

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Friendly family hotel with its own ice-skating rink during the winter season.

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uk flagInternational School of Skating

based: Midlands, UK

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Skating camps, events and coaching, including a summer camp in Ozolnieki, Latvia. The camps are for any level of skater from beginner upwards.

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usa flagSilver Blade Tours

based: Florida, USA

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Figure skating tour specialists providing deluxe skating tours and travel packages to most major skating events and exhibitions.

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Uniworld Travel & Tours

based: Ontario, Canada

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Figure skating tours to top events worldwide, personally escorted by Angela Hildebrandt.

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