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Blue House (The)

based: Jamaica
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Offering a range of dedicated vegetarian and vegan vacation packages in this Caribbean boutique B&B on the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, two miles east of Ocho Rios.

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us flagHumane Travel

based: USA
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Animal friendly holidays, Humane Travel do not promote travel that involves circuses, bullfights or anything that exploits or abuses animals – the also ensure travel arrangements account for dietary choices such as vegetarianism or veganism.

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uk flagVegan Camp

based: Tyne & Wear, UK
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An annual two week vegan camping holiday, a friendly social gathering for vegan families, singles and couples. Takes place at a different location each year, with people visiting for any period during the two weeks, from one day to the full period.

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Vegan Surf Camp
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Surf, yoga and vegan-organic food in south west France. The Vegan Surf Camp can be found on the Les Cigales campsite, just 500 m from the white sand beach resort of Moliets-Plage.

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uk flagAnubhuti Meditation & Retreat Center

based: California, USA

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Weekend retreats, learn vegetarian living and nutrition, and relaxation.

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uk flagNYC Vegan Vacations

based: New York, USA

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3-day New York City weekend breaks for vegans and vegetarians; short vacations filled with food, friendship and fun.

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Vegan River Cruises

based: Münster, Germany

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4-8 day luxury European river cruises for the travelling vegan; 100% vegan cuisine, with even cocktails and cabin toiletries being vegan.

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uk flagVeg Voyages

based: Texas, USA

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Vegan adventure tours created by vegetarians for vegetarian and vegan travellers.

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A person who does not eat meat, seafood or poultry and sometimes other animal products, for moral, religious, or health reasons.
lacto-ovo vegetarians – will eat dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese as well as eggs.

ovo-vegetarians – eat no meat or dairy products, but will eat eggs.


A vegan does not eat any food derived from animals (including eggs, milk and cheese), but subsists on vegetables, fruits, grains, pulses, nuts and seeds.


Vegetarian and vegan holiday food



Do you want to be really sure your vegetable soup has not been made with meat stock? That your desert does not contain gelatin/gelatine? Or do you just want to avoid having to make do with an omelet for every meal?


These days getting hold of vegetarian or vegan food on holiday is better than it used to be and some countries are better at it than others, but finding a holiday that serves up good veggie meals can still be a challenge. The list on this page is designed to help, we list travel companies, accommodation providers and specialist activity courses and centres who specifically cater to the needs of vegetarians and vegans. Providing high quality food as well as also often considering other requirements such as vegetarian/vegan wines, toiletries which are not tested on animals, even down to avoiding the use of leather.


We also happy to list holidays and vacations that deal directly with veggie foods as part of the trip, dedicated cooking holidays, veggie wine tasting courses, tours to veggie events, or vegetarian/vegan nutrition courses etc.