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uk flagDrimlabarra Herb Farm

based: Isle of Arran, Scotland, UK
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Offering a range of practical herbal medicine courses, individual herbal wellbeing consultations, and sustainable living workshops, with world recognised Traditional Medical Herbalists, based at a herb farm on the Isle of Arran, in Scotland.

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based: Reykjavik, Iceland
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Botanical tours in Iceland giving guests a taste of the very best that Icelandic nature has to offer, including diverse flora and fauna and scenic landscapes. While the summer is the prime time for flowering plants, they also offer a seasonal woodland tours to explore plant life in winter.

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uk flagDilston Physic Garden

based: Northumberland, UK

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A variety of herbalism and herb related courses for all levels.

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uk flagDr Low Dog

based: New Mexico, USA

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Courses in herbal medicine designed for medical professionals and herbal enthusiasts, with Dr Low Dog, who is an internationally recognized herbal expert.

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uk flagEarthwalk Northwest

based: Washington, USA

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Programs focusing on primitive living and earth awareness including such skills as bow, and arrow making, cheese making, fire by friction, herbal soap making, animal tracking, traditional tanning and wilderness survival techniques.

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uk flagMidwest Native Skills Institute

based: Ohio, USA

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A wilderness/outdoor school offering a variety of courses in wilderness survival.

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uk flagGarden Station (The)

based: Northumberland, UK

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Wide range of short courses covering many garden and craft areas.

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Herbs, herbalism, herbology, herb gardening ...

herbs signThe Travel-Quest herbal holidays section covers courses and tours with a very broad definition. This is not the place to find professional herbalism, herbology or herbal medicine courses leading to qualifications as as herbalist, but we do list short recreational courses and holidays aimed at people with a general interest in the subject, perhaps providing an introduction to herbs and their many and varied uses in medicine, beauty products and cosmetics, cooking with herbs and beyond. We also list holidays and courses covering herb gardening and the long history of the herb garden.