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uk flagCaledonia

based: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
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A flexible year-round programme offering a range of courses and locations, with lessons in: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Russian. Also a specialist in Spanish courses in Cuba.

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usa flagInlingua Language School

based: Florida, USA
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Learn English or another language in the modern, up-to-date language school in Fort Lauderdale. Languages covered include French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Russian and Latin.

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uk flagTourRadar five star Featured Site

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TourRadar logoA selection of language course tours, trips and holidays, offering language learning in exciting worldwide travel destinations. Languages covered include English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German. Offering either stand-alone language courses or in combination with other activities and interests.

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Languages Abroad

based: Toronto, Canada

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Over 30 different languages in over 50 countries worldwide, study abroad in a language school of your choice.

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Language Learning Holidays

based: Italy, France & Finland

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Made-to-measure language learning vacations in French, Italian or English as a foreign language.

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SprachCaffe Languages

based: Frankfurt, Germany

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A special way of learning a language, learn your preferred language at language schools around the world.

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language classroomThis multi-day language section deals with travel companies, language teachers and tutors, and language schools who offer a range of languages held in a range of locations – multi-language – rather than focusing on a single one. They may offer residential multi-day language courses from a single language school base, or provide a range of holiday courses in appropriate countries worldwide. The courses will be teaching languages for all purposes, including as a second language or as specialist courses for business, journalism or medicine etc.


As well as the language instruction, courses will typically include holiday and recreational activities such as sports, cultural tours, excursions, and complementary instructional courses in subjects such as cooking, photography or travel.


If you're looking for a specific language we recommend also looking at the languages index to see if we have a dedicated page for the language you're seeking.