Native culture and peoples



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based: London, UK & California, USA
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Authentic holidays and soft adventure travel away from the tourist trail in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Brazil. Offering holidays with a difference, an insider experience courtesy of their unique network of local people. Offering mainly private tours for couples or families, plus a few small group departures specially designed for solo travellers.

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Cultural tours discovering the ancient civilizations of Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, India, China and Greece; guests are immersed in living traditions, rich in history, culture and spirituality, and worlds of ancient mythology and spirituality. These tours often stay in palaces and monasteries or as guests of local people.

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Batafon Arts

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Living with local people – cultural, drumming and dance in Guinea and the Gambia, West Africa.

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Selena Travel offers adventure travel packages, discovery tours and expeditions to Mongolia; including cultural and nomadic lifestyle tours.

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Snow White Treks and Tours

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Bhutanese culture and nature tour company based in Thimphu and providing a simple, homely service, offering a memorable journey to remember for your entire life.

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This section lists cultural trips, holiday packages, vacations, short breaks and tours which include visits to traditional communities, native, tribal and indigenous peoples right across the globe – from Native Americans in the US and Canada, to African tribal communities, the people native to the Mongolian steppes, or the Maya peoples of Central America.


Generally speaking these indigenous peoples (also referred to as aboriginal, first or native peoples) are made up of communities or ethnic groups of original settlers to an area; the people who existed in those traditional lands before any further invasion or colonization has taken place. They are frequently now the non-dominant population and will usually consider themselves distinct from those who've moved into and now reside there. Amongst these peoples there's usually a strong determination to preserve their ancient culture and ethnic identity and to pass this onto future generations.