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uk flagA Broader View Volunteers Corp five star Featured Site

based: Pennsylvania, USA
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US Non Profit Organization arranging volunteer projects abroad in 30 countries, offering travelers the opportunity to explore a new country while taking part in rewarding, meaningful service work in 315 programs. Ideal as gap year trips, short-term and Internships. Get A Broader View of the world: volunteer your time and efforts to improve the lives of those less fortunate.

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Pyrenean Experience

based: Basque Country, Spain

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Exclusive small group farmhouse walking holidays in the Spanish Pyrenees as reviewed by the Guardian, Observer and Daily Mail. Guided and unguided weeks immerse guests in the Basque mountain culture with private dinner parties, wine tastings, music concerts and Basque festivals. Spanish immersion courses and creativity retreats also available.

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South American Language Center (The)

based: Quito, Ecuador
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A Spanish school in the capital Quito, offering a range one-to-one and group learning programs. They offer help with setting up home-stay arrangements and with additional classes in cooking or salsa, or with city tours around Quito.

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uk flagSpanish Study Holidays

based: Leicestershire, UK
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Spanish language travel with courses in Spain and Latin America. Offering courses from 1-40 weeks duration for students of all ages and learning levels. Courses range from Semi-Intensive to Super-Intensive. They also offer various special interest Spanish language courses such as: Spanish & salsa, Spanish & surfing, and Spanish for exam preparation.

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uk flagVolunteer Latin America

based: London, UK
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Providing free and low-cost volunteer work in Central and South America for independent volunteers; offering a wide variety of projects including opportunities to volunteer and learn Spanish abroad.

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Adios Travel

based: Veldhoven, The Netherlands

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Spanish language holidays in Central and South America. Discover the best Spanish Language Schools to learn South American Spanish.

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Carmen de las Cuevas

based: Granada, Spain

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A Spanish and flamenco school in Granada offering Spanish language, culture and flamenco courses, including combination courses.

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Learn Spanish Away

based: Granada, Spain

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Spanish as a foreign language, learn to speak Spanish on holiday in Spain, language learning in a friendly and enjoyable environment.

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Spanish Among the Orange Groves

based: Granada, Spain

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Small group or one-to-one Spanish language courses in Granada, Spain. Individually tailored classes that target all levels, from complete beginner to degree level.

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Spanish Language booksLanguage courses, holidays and vacations learning Spanish in Spain, Latin/South America or Spanish instruction in other parts of world. Spanish courses listed will be short residential courses, summer schools or dedicated Spanish language holidays, rather than day courses or courses of extended study.


Courses will be multi-day and usually residential, with accommodation provided on-site or arranged nearby, many will use homestay accommodation with Spanish-speaking hosts to increase students' exposure to the language. Many courses will also include holiday and recreational activities such as sports, cultural tours, excursions, and complementary instructional courses.




• Globally Spanish is spoken by over 500 million people.

• After English and Mandarin Chinese, it's the third most commonly used Internet language.

• Spanish is the most popular second language in the States.

• Spanish is probably one of the easiest of the Romance language to learn, its sounds are simple and its spellings are phonetic.

• A lot of Spanish words have made their way into the English language including: vanilla, guitar, barbecue, banana, sherry, cigarette, canyon, patio, guerrilla and marijuana!

• Apart from Spanish there are several other major languages spoken spoken in Spain including Basque and Catalan.




Tips on choosing a Spanish language holiday course

As with any language the best way to learn Spanish is to immerse yourself in it in a country that speaks the language, and with over 20 countries having Spanish as their national or official language the choice of destination is wide. Apart from the obvious – Spain; Central and South America are good choices, even if the Spanish spoken there is a little different from its European counterpart.


Taking a holiday course to learn the language in Spain, or any other Spanish speaking country, is fairly easy as there are a huge number of language schools or holiday companies organising courses; many of these are listed here. A large number of these are residential, organising accommodation as well as classes, these range from short courses of just a few days to extended ones lasting several weeks.


The style of course and accommodation you choose will probably depend on your goals. Serious students might opt for an intensive course and for living-in with a Spanish speaking family; while others will want a more relaxed approach where they can also spend time having conventional holiday fun (in Spanish?) combining language lessons with cultural trips or active sports.


If you can't get away to Spain or Latin America then a course in the UK should not be ruled out. Our top tip here is to look for one that uses native Spanish speaking tutors if possible.