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VANUATU: South Pacific volcano tour

Vanuatu has several regularly active volcanoes including Yasur (a.k.a. the 'Lighthouse of the Pacific') in the South. Yasur has erupted several times an hour for hundreds of years! This trip goes close to the active crater of the volcano, where the lava can be seen, including spectacular eruptions with glowing lava shooting out up to 350 m.
    Short, 3-day trips to Yasur are available as well as longer tours to some of the other volcanoes in the area. This tour is classed as 'easy' and no special hiking or climbing skills are needed. Tours are led by experienced volcanologist and scientist John Seach.

   Photo shows the ash column from the eruption of the Gaua Volcano, in the Vanuatu Archipelago in April 2010 [credit].

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Volcano inspiration? A stunning video of the eruption of Mt Etna Volcano (Dec 2006).


ENGLAND: Lyme Regis Fossil Festival
An annual weekend festival of everything you can possibly think of to do with fossils, including a fossil fair, geologigical presentations, exhibitions, talks, demonstrations, fossil hunting walks, hands-on art and science, and outdoor activities. All taking place on the Jurassic Coast in Lyme Regis, 'The Fossil Town' and former home of Mary Anning, known as the first fossil hunter and the 'Princess of Palaeontology'.

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Fossil hunting in the UK

Once you know where to look, how to look and how to do this safely then fossil hunting is an activity than you can easily do as a DIY holiday, you can get the kids involved too making it a great family activity.

   Fossils can be found throughout the UK, but there are some areas that are particularly rich sources, like the Jurassic Coast of Dorset, the Isle of Wight (good for dinosaur remains) or the South East Coast – this site has an excellent interactive map showing fossil locations across the UK.

    For the 'how to look' we'd reccommed going on a guided fossil hunt, trip or walk; these usually last a few hours in which you'll get an introudction to the activity, learn about the geology of the area and how to find the fossils. A few such courses are in: Charmouth and the Dorset Jurassic Coast, Southeast England and Whitby in North Yorkshire.


Cracking open an ammonite nodule with palaeontologist Byron Blessed, in a fossil hunting trip in Whitby, North Yorkshire.


Safety is important because fossil hunting does have its dangers (rock falls, flying stone shards, incomming tides etc), so be safe and follow the Geological Fieldwork Code. Then all you'll need is somehere to stay and you have your own DIY fossil hunting trip!

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Arenal Observatory Lodge

located: La Fortuna, Costa Rica

A 48-room volcano spotters hotel sited high on a ridge just 2.7km from Costa Rica's most spectacular active volcano, Arenal. The lodge provides stunning views of the volcano and Arenal lake in their lush tropical setting.

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Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre

located: Manitoba, Canada

Offering Fossil Dig Adventure Tours – two and five day excursions with paleontologists and geologists and including authentic fossil digs and a range of family vacation packages.

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Geological Society (The)


The Geological Society has a searchable calendar of events organised by themselves and others, such as weekend events, fossil festivals, guided walks, short courses, field trips, workshops and conferences all related to the subject.

| geological | UK | Worldwide |


GeoWorld Travel Ltd

located: Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales, UK


Geologically themed holidays, Worldwide and also in Wales and other parts of the UK; aimed at all levels from enthusiasts to experts – whether you want to have the dramatic scenery explained, discover fossils, visit volcanoes or the polar regions. Also expedition cruises and Northern Lights and Wildlife focused trips.

| geological | Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis | animals/safaris | theme cruises | Wales | UK | Worldwide | Antarctic | Arctic


LED Voyages

based: Ouarzazate, Morocco

Guided 4 or 8-day tours discovering fossils and minerals in Southern Morocco. Search for trilobites and ammonites in Alnif, renowned fossil destination; visit Erfoud, the city of fossilised marble; and see pre-historic rock drawings ...

| geological | Morocco |


usa flag PaleoWorld Research Foundation


A not-for-profit organisation offering working holiday trips to anyone with an interest in dinosaurs, where they can join a field expedition and work as a member of the research team, participating in the preservation and collection of dinosaur fossils.

| geological | USA |


Volcano Live

based: New South Wales, Australia


Guided volcano adventure travel and tours to experience these exciting and amazing natural events, volcanoes in destinations in Asia, the South Pacific and South America with volcanologist John Seach.

| geological | South America | Asia |


usa flag Williams GeoVentures


Unique geological tours and field trips for the geology enthusiast, exploring North America destinations such as the Grand Canyon, North Coast and Death Valley; as well as overseas destinations like Scotland, Italy, Slovenia, Iceland and New Zealand; with expert local guides.

| geological | USA | Scotland | Italy | Iceland | New Zealand | Worldwide |


 Abercelyn Country House

based: Gwynedd, Wales, UK


Guided mountain geology and walking holidays in Snowdonia, set among graphic geology and spectacular scenery.

| geological | Wales |


 Dinosaur Adventure

based: Norfolk, UK


For dinosaur mad kids (and their parents), make a weekend of it at this well received dinosaur theme park.

| geological | England |


usa flag Geology Adventures

based: Washington, USA


Geology based adventure trips and collecting experiences in the US, Australia, Spain and South Africa.

| geological | USA | Australia | Spain | South Africa |


 Geo Supplies

based: South Yorkshire, UK


Offering a programme of geology study tours and field trips visiting destinations such as Iceland, England, Scotland and Wales.

| geological | Iceland | UK |



based: Scotland, UK


Small, sociable guided group walking trips to find some of Scotland's finest rocks; learn about geology and how the landscape was formed.

| geological | Scotland |


usa flag Judith River Dinosaur Institute

based: Montana, USA


Paleontology centre offering 6-day summer digs for anyone with a sincere interest aged 14 or older.

| geological | USA |


Kola Travel

based: Murmansk, Russian Federation


Geology holidays on the Kola Peninsula, a fine mineralogical depository in NW Russia.

| geological | Russia |


usa flag PaleoAdventures

based: South Dakota, USA


Independent paleontology company offering fossil tours and dinosaur digs and educational programs in the South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana badlands.

| geological | USA |


 Scientific Exploration Society (The)

based: Dorset, UK


Registered charity offering a worldwide programme of expeditions, supporting scientific, conservation and education projects.

| expeditions | animals/safari | geological | archaeological digs | Worldwide |




Volcano tour specialists offering a wide variety of tours worldwide, covering active volcanism, geology, acheology, culture and nature.

| geological | Worldwide |


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