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Combination yoga holidays – adventure, sport, activity and culture combined with a yoga break

yoga stanceAs yoga holidays become ever more popular we are seeing more combination holidays being offered. These are holidays and courses that combine yoga with other activities, such as walking, climbing diving, cooking and painting.
     Combination yoga holidays are not aimed at hard-core yogis who want to devote their entire holiday to improving their yoga practice, but to the far larger group of yoga fans who just want a holiday where they can practice yoga at the same time as taking part in an active sport, enjoying a hobby or learning a new skill.
     Sports enthusiast such as surfers, divers, skiers and climbers are also discovering the benefits that yoga can bring and are signing up for activity holidays, workshops, courses and training camps that weave in yoga sessions along with their chosen sport.

Types of combination yoga breaks
yoga stretchCombination yoga breaks and holidays can be roughly split into two categories, the first being yoga combined with an active sport or adventurous activity – sometimes also referred to as 'adventure yoga' – where the physical (and the mental) benefits of the yoga actively benefit and compliment the other activity. Secondly yoga teamed with cultural, artistic or creative interests such as cooking, painting, sculpture or writing, where the benefits are less obvious until one also takes the mind/body connection into consideration.

     Adventure yoga, adventure activities and yoga
         Yoga and walking
         Diving and yoga
         Surfing and yoga
         Skiing, snowboarding and yoga
         Other adventure combinations
     Creative and cultural activities with yoga
         Painting or cooking combination breaks
         Other creative and cultural combinations

Yoga and walking holidays
Combined walking and yoga holidays are hugely popular and these sort packages are now offered to all corners of the world.

walking and yogaWalking is one of the most effective, natural and safest forms of exercise and combines well with yoga practice. Walking benefits the cardiovascular and digestive systems and offers an exercise that does not stress joints with hard impact; it also offers opportunities to think, meditate and to soak up the beauty of nature that resonate well with yoga; some yoga styles even teach walking yoga meditation. Yoga stretches the body and calms the mind setting participants up for a day of walking, be that a gentle stroll in the countryside or an exhilarating mountain hike.

While each package is different, yoga and walking breaks are usually structured in a similar way, starting the day with a morning yoga class or group practice. Guided or unguided walking will then take place during the day and possibly further yoga will be offered in the evenings. A few trips will also offer yoga practice during the day while out on a walk – yoga practiced outside, perhaps in an alpine meadow or on a wild sandy beach can be fantastic experience!

Yoga and walking trips will almost inevitably take place in beautiful locations where nature can be enjoyed at its best; it’s your choice if that’s the splendour of the mountains, the calm of the coast, rural England or a rainforest in South America. The companies reviewed in our yoga holidays directory offer walking and yoga holidays throughout the UK including Wales, England and Scotland; in Europe including France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Poland and the Alps, and further afield to destinations such as Egypt, Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Australia, India, Thailand and Bali. Check the locations listed at the foot of each entry.

The walking and hiking element of the holiday will vary from trip to trip so it’s important that you ensure it’s at the right level for you. Participants are not necessarily regular hikers, some may just want short relaxing strolls, while experienced walkers might be disappointed if they are not offered a good day out in the hills. Where walks are guided you may find there are options of differing length, or it may be best to opt for unguided walking where you can select the walks that suit your fitness level and personal aspirations.

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