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Holidays and vacations using executive planes and private jets, includes holiday private jet charter.



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Jet aircraft, executive & private jet holidays

usa flag Kewljets
based: California, USA
Private jet vacations with luxurious accommodation and accompanied by tour concierges. Arranging private jet tours with establish jet tour operations. Typically using Boeing 737 & 757, and Airbus 320 & 319 aircraft designed for 24–48 passengers in first or business class-type seating.
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Luxury Tour
Various private jet packages from 12 to 24 days, including a 12 day 'Timeless Namibia', and 23 and 24 day 'Around the World' trips. Once-in-a-lifetime adventures to amazing places, travelling in the comfort of a private jet plane.
| jet aircraft/private jet | Worldwide |

usa flag Abercrombie & Kent
based: Illinois, USA
Private jet holiday program with a variety of destinations, a luxurious and exclusive way to travel.
| jet aircraft/private jet | Europe | South America | India |

uk flag Jeffersons Private Jet Holidays
based: London, UK
Holidays by luxury private jet and short break helicopter holidays.
| jet aircraft/private jet | helicopter | Europe |

Ibiza Private Jets
based: Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain
Private jet charter to the island of Ibiza (or any worldwide destination), travel in luxury with seamless travel.
| jet aircraft/private jet | Balearic Islands | Worldwide |

uk flag Longitude Private Jet Holidays
based: London, UK
Holidays or short breaks by private jet; taking on all travel arrangements and aspects of the trip including designer hotels, beautiful beaches and vibrant cities.
| jet aircraft/private jet | UK | Worldwide |

uk flag Von Essen Hotels
based: UK
Luxury hotels in the UK offering helicopter and private jet options, von Essen owns its own fleet of unbadged executive helicopters and executive jets.
| jet aircraft/private jet | UK |



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