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Index of our activity and adventure holiday categories with brief explanations.



ballooning sightseeing by air, take a journey or even learn to fly
gliding looks like plane, but glides like a hawk
hang-gliding & microlighting solo? tandem? or add a motor and microlight
helicopter fly with rotor blades rather than wings
jet aircraft & private jet save time and fly in real style!
light aircraft sightseeing flights or learn to fly courses
parachuting, skydiving & parascending jump from above or rise from below?
planes for other plane, aircraft and flying related holidays and breaks

badminton for holidays to play, learn and watch badminton
basketball tours to basketball games and tournaments
bowling & bowls weekends and breaks that include bowling and bowls
cricket tours to cricket matches and events
football & soccer trips to matches and coaching holidays and courses
golf golf coaching, tournaments or just enjoyment

for internationals or tailor made tours
tennis courses and holidays to improve your game or just enjoy a good match

cycle touring
mostly on-road cycle touring breaks
cycle training training and cycle camps for serious cyclists and mountain bikers
mountain biking more for off-road and using mountain bikes and hybrids
tandem biking harder to find, tandem bike breaks and holidays

dressage residential courses, clinics and holidays
horse racing visit the courses and enjoy the racing
horse trail riding trek from place to place on horseback
horse & pony trekking mainly day pony treks from a holiday base
polo the sport of kings? Give it a try, play the game or just spectate
ranching very popular riding holiday, try the cowboy lifestyle!
horse riding concentrating on riding skills and shorter rides
show jumping holidays, courses and training

western riding courses and holidays in western style riding

charity expeditions & holidays adventure trekking and expeditions set up by charities
expeditions for something more than just a holiday to a common destination
expedition training to learn the skills needed to enjoy that expedition

BASE jumping jump off Buildings, Antennae, Spans (bridges) or Earth with a parachute
bungee jumping
throw yourself off a great height attached to a bungee
cliff jumping throw yourself off a cliff (without a bungee!)
extreme racing for running and triathalon events in testing environments
extreme snow sports for crazy snow sport antics such as speed skiing or freestyle
horse surfing an extreme sport in which surfing and horse riding are combined!
inline boarding, dirtsurfing & mountainboarding like snowboarding – without snow
sphereing & zorbing mad, crazy and great fun!

freshwater river and lake fishing holidays
sea & ocean fishing holidays in the sea, from boats or coastal

archery learn the skills of the bow
shooting clays or targets

4 wheel drive or 4x4 test your driving skills off-road
karting & quad biking testing driving skills and huge fun!
luxury or classic cars self-drive & chauffeured tours in luxury, vintage & classic vehicles
motorbike or motorcycling bikers holidays on own bike or hire bikes
motor racing take to the wheel or watch the great races
rally driving watch events or have a go here too

abseiling an essential climbing skill and great fun in it's own right
bouldering climbing without a rope on large boulders
canyoning & gorge walking using routes through gorges and canyons
climbing & scrambling rock climbing holidays or learn to climb courses
coasteering finding routes around coastlines using a variety of outdoor skills
ice climbing holidays and courses cold weather climbing in spectacular settings

mountaineering climbing the big mountains
trekking peaks trips to the high altitude trekable mountains: Kilimanjaro, Cotopaxi ...

winter skills courses
to learn the skills needed to venture out in winter

fitness when getting and keeping fit is your aim

power & nordic walking fitness walking and walking with Nordic walking poles
running/athletics courses, events and training camps for runners and athletes
triathlon training and coaching breaks for triathletes

caving/pot-holing if you want to take your holidays in the dark

canoeing & kayaking on flat water, white water, rapids, rivers, lakes, canals ...
day sailing dingy sailing and small yachts
diving & snorkelling learn to dive courses or holidays for experienced divers
kite surfing combination of surfing, kiteflying and windsurfing, fantastic!
powered boating from rubber dinghies to big power boats
sailing (large boat/sail ship) holidays aboard the big yachts, square riggers etc.
sea canoeing & sea kayaking from journeys on the ocean to rock hopping the coast
surfing holidays ride those waves! learn to surf or surf camps for the experienced
swimming learn to swim, improvers swimming courses and wild and open water swims
windsurfing combining the skills of surfing and sailing
waterskiing/wakeboarding real speed on water!
white water rafting
ride the rapids, oared and paddled rafting trips

walking/trekking/hiking for guided walking holidays
navigation/orienteering learn to map read or enjoy orienteering competitions
self-guided/unguided walking follow described routes with accommodation etc. arranged
winter walking guided or unguided winter trips and/or winter walking skills

cross-country skiing using tracks and cross country skiing trails
dog sledding husky sledding; ride along or learn to drive yourself
heliskiing reach the steeps by helicopter; guided heliskiing holidays
nordic ski touring touring trips and holidays on Nordic skiing equipment
off-piste skiing holidays and courses to ski off the piste
skating watch competitions or skate yourself
ski mountaineering & touring off-piste mountain touring on alpine equipment
ski/snowboard ski & board holidays in ski resorts, instruction, learn to ski, improvers ...
ski weekends short of time? Try a ski weekend
snowmobiling & skidoo yahoo! motorised bikes in the snow
snowshoeing holidays discover a new way to walk in the winter
telemark skiing 'free the heel, free the mind', an alternative skiing holiday

wintersports multi-activity packages with multiple winter activities

aerial zip way test your nerve and your skill on the aerial zip way
martial arts breaks and courses including tai chi, judo, karate ...
first aid learn first aid skills for the mountains, expeditions and water sports
multi-activity to try a number of active or adventure activities in one trip
rollerblading, inline & roller skating tours and holidays on wheels!
survival courses could you survive in the great outdoors without home comforts



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