Husky dog sledding holidays, mushing and husky safaris and vacations in Scandinavia, Greenland, Iceland, Northern Europe, Canada, the USA, the UK and Worldwide.

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Tips for selecting a dog sledding holiday:

• Whether you want to drive the team yourself, ride the sled as a passenger, or a mix of the two, make sure the tour is set up to allow for what you want from the start.

• Warm clothing is essential, make sure you get a kit list from your tour operator. Also find out what's supplied, some operators provide some extreme clothing (like snow boots and snowsuits) as part of the package.

• Trips are likely to run from January to April/May (depending how far North you go) but choose the time you go with care - sledding in January can be a vastly different (colder!) experience from doing it April!

Sled team make up:

Lead dog – speaks for itself really, but the 'lead' is the dog that runs at the front and sets the pace.

Swing/point dogs – run directly behind the lead dog, they're either right or left swing depending on which side of the tow line they're on. Swing dogs help 'swing' the team round in turns.

Wheel dogs/wheelers – are those nearest the sled, their job is to pull the sled out of ruts and around tight corners or trees.

Team dogs – any other dog in the team!






Dog sledding holidays & husky safaris


NORWAY: Dog sledding experience
A real wilderness sledding adventure at 78° North on the remote Norwegian island of Spitsbergen. Think of sledding with your dog team across frozen lakes, cooking on open log fires, and watching the stunning Northern Lights! The overall trip is for five days which includes a three day guided sledding trip with your own team. Accommodation includes two nights in a hotel and two nights aboard a ship frozen into the ice!


SCOTLAND: Cairngorm Sleddog Centre
Unique experiences riding with a sleddog team in Aviemore, Scotland, with or without snow and available throughout the year. From the comfort of a unique sleddog buggy guests can enjoy spectacular Cairngorm Mountain views on sledding safaris, with overnight stays in a basic mountain cabin. 2-day courses are also available.

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Watching and even participating in the "Last Great Race"...

The March Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, from Willow to Nome in Alaska, is one of the most challenging races in the world. The 1,150 mile route crosses mountain passes, frozen rivers and harsh wild tundra, in tough winter conditions that include whiteouts, blizzards and sub-zero temperatures with lots of wind chill. Mushers, each with a team of 12-16 dogs, take around nine to fifteen days to complete this grueling course.

Several travel companies make it possible to follow and watch the race in various ways. Both Alaska Iditarod Tours and All Alaska Tours offer a variety of guided and unguided tours during the Iditarod. Litzen Guide Service has an all-inclusive guided Iditarod 'flightseeing' adventure package by light aircraft.

For the very keen there is an opportunity to take part (in a limited way) by bidding in the IditaRider Auction – here you can bid to ride in a musher's sled for the first 11 miles of the race. The money raised helps offset race expenses.

And if the race really catches your imagination then Dream A Dream Dog Farm Mushing Adventures can train you up to actually participate – although that's rather more than a 'holiday' course! Dream A Dream also offers short dog team driving experiences and B&B accommodation if you just want a sled dogging taster in similar terrain to the Iditarod race!

Amazingly an unusual team made up of Standard Poodles competed in the race for several years in the 1980's – but only Northern breeds, like Malamutes, Siberian or Alaskan Huskies, and Greenland dogs are permitted to run these days!

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A 'must see' – amazing footage of polar bears and sled dogs playing ...


Border Inn (The)

based: Finland


Comfortable lodge and cabin accommodation offering dog sled safaris, single and twin-seater snowmobile tours and a combined dog sled and snowmobile safari on the Russian/Finnish border.

| dog sledding | snowmobiling/skidoo | Finland |


Karulas Wolftrail Sleddogtours

based: Valgamaa, Estonia


Adventurous dog sled tours in and around Karula National Park in South East Estonia. Offering private 1, 4, 5 and 8-day tours and expeditions (three people max).

| dog sledding | Estonia |


Mad Dogs & Englishmen

based: Alberta, Canada


Dog sledding and skijöring tours in the Canadian Rockies. Using trails in Kananaskis Country, just outside the Banff National Park. These adventures go from just a few hours to multi-day tours on request.

| dog sledding | skijoring | Canada |


uk flag Alaska Best Wilderness

based: Alaska, USA


Guided dog sledding expeditions in remote Alaska; drive your own sled team.

| dog sledding | Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis | North America |


uk flag Alaska Vacation Store

based: Alaska, USA


Activity vacations in Alaska, including the Northern Lights, kayaking and sled dog tours.

| Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis | light aircraft | sea kayaking/canoeing | dog sledding | USA |


Canada Winter Adventure Tours

based: Alberta, Canada


Winter adventure tours in Canada, with dog sledding, snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

| dog sledding | snowshoeing | cross-country skiing | Canada |


uk flag Continental Divide Dogsled Adventures

based: Wyoming, USA


Tours in the Yellowstone area and Jackson Hole, including yurt based tours.

| dog sledding | USA |


Husky Holiday
Föllinge, Sweden
Outdoor activities, dog sledding safaris and mushing experiences in the Jämtland wilderness area.

| dog sledding | Sweden |


Klondike Ventures

based: Alberta, Canada


Weekend and multi-day skijoring, cross country skiing, dog sledding, and backcountry experiences.

| dog sledging | cross-country skiing | skijoring | Canada |



based: Boden, Sweden


Swedish Lapland sleddog tours for private individuals not wanting to be part of a larger group.

| dog sledging | Sweden |


uk flag Mushing Boot Camp

based: Minnesota, USA


Three day intensive mushing clinic, training your dogs with your equipment for dog sledding, skijoring etc.

| dog sledging | skijoring | USA |


uk flag Nature Travels

based: Dorset, UK


Outdoor and adventure holidays in Sweden for independents, families and groups.

| cross-country skiing | dog sledding | canoe/kayak | mountain biking |walking/trekking/hiking | Sweden |


Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours

based: Alberta, Canada


Unique dog sledding experiences in the Canadian Rockies.

| dog sledging | Canada |



based: Nord-Trøndelag, Norway


Offering 3-day, 6-day, 8-day and weekend Norwegian dogsledding adventures.

| dog sledging | Norway |


uk flag Tangent Expeditions International

based: Cumbria, UK


The ultimate arctic experience, arctic mountaineering, ski-touring and dog sledding expeditions.

| expeditions | ski mountaineering/touring | nordic ski touring | dog sledging | mountaineering | Greenland | Arctic |


Tundra Inn

based: Churchill, Manitoba, Canada


Enjoy a combined dog sledding and northern lights package. Sledding with an an experienced local musher and viewing the lights from the comfort and warmth of a Tundra Buggy.

| dog sledding | Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis | Canada |


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