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Parachute sports: parachuting, skydiving and freefall holidays, vacations and courses. Also paragliding holidays covering parascending and parasailing in the UK, abroad in Europe and Worldwide.



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Parachuting, skydiving, parascending,
paragliding & parasailing

 Whitetracks Activities
based: Bristol, UK
Extreme winter activities and snow sports in Meribel and Courchevel, including ice driving, bobsleigh experiences, mono bob (luge), ice diving, ski joering, ice karting, paragliding, skydiving and helicopter flights.
| extreme snow sports | skijoring | helicopter | parachuting/skydiving/parascending | France |

Adventure Extreme
based: France
Overseas paragliding courses and holidays for all levels, in sunny Southern France.
| parachuting/skydiving/parascending | France |

Adventure Junkies
based: Otago, New Zealand
Ten day inclusive multi-activity and extreme sports adventure tours.
| bungee jumping | mountain biking | white water rafting | climbing/scrambling |parachuting/skydiving/parascending | New Zealand |

 American Paragliding
based: California, USA
Multi-day powered paragliding instruction courses, introduction upwards, in California.
| parachuting/skydiving/parascending | USA |

 Green Dragons
based: Surrey, UK
Hang gliding and paragliding centre, including tandem flights, fun days and pilots courses.
| hang-gliding/microlighting | parachuting/skydiving/parascending | UK |

 Incredible Adventures
based: Florida, USA & Moscow, Russia
Fighter jet flights in four countries, space adventures at Star City, three different great white shark dives, military adventures around the world, and much more.
| astronomy/space | planes | parachuting/skydiving/parascending | swimming with sharks | military vehicles | USA | Russia | Space! |

 Parapente Paragliding School
based: Derbyshire, UK
Hill launch paragliding school in the Derbyshire Peak District, with short taster courses and Pilot Certificate courses.
| parachuting/skydiving/parascending | England |

based: Nepal
Parahawking and falconry, offering a combination of paragliding with trained birds of prey in Nepal.
| falconry | parachuting/skydiving/parascending | Nepal |

 Passion Paragliding
based: Gwynedd, Wales, UK
Inspirational spring and autumn guided paragliding safaris and holidays in Morocco.
| parachuting/skydiving/parascending | Morocco |

Rio Turismo Radical
based: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Ariel sports holidays from an adventure travel agency based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
| hang-gliding/microlighting | parachuting/skydiving/parascending | Brazil |

Treks 'n Rapids
based: India
Providing wacky adventure sports like cliff jumping, swimming with sharks, kite surfing ...
| cliff jumping | parachuting/skydiving/parascending | bungee jumping | water skiing | kite surfing | swimming with sharks | worldwide |



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The travel-quest parachuting, skydive, parasailing and parascending holidays section covers listings for holidays, vacations, short breaks and residential courses where the main activity and focus is on parachuting, skydiving, freefall, paragliding, parasailing or parasending activities and experiences. These should be holiday trips which are multi-day breaks with accommodation included. We can also include residential parachuting, sky diving and parascending training courses if they are intended as holiday rather than commercial training. Day only parasending, sky diving, parachuting or paragliding experiences are not currently listed, but a new day category will be added to the Blue Directory Day Activities, section in the near future; please contact us if you wish to be considered for this section

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