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uk flagAlpine Elements

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Alpine resorts for Nordic walkers, each with at least 400–800km of walking tracks and trails, many making use of a ski lift system. Some resorts offer specific courses and there are opportunities to hire a mountain guide for more adventurous walks and glacier treks. All resorts are suitable for self-guided walks and route suggestions and maps are provided. Nordic poles are available in all chalets and hotels.

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Hotel Edelweiss

based: Berchtesgaden, Germany

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Guided Nordic walking trips in the Bavarian Alps in an area with plentiful routes and trails at all levels; based at the Edelweiss Wellness Hotel in the centre of Berchtesgaden.

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uk flag Nordic Walking Isle of Wight

based: Isle of Wight, UK
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Nordic walking sessions on the Isle of Wight, combined with accommodation in luxury modern three-bedroom (eight berth) holiday caravans at special rates. Suitable for all levels from experienced Nordic walkers to first timers.

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uk flag Nordic Walking Retreats

based: West Yorkshire, UK
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A family-run business offering holidays, short breaks and weekends for keen Nordic walkers. Walks are available in the UK and Spain and are led by qualified Nordic walking instructors and walk leaders. Nordic walking retreat packages are available for Nordic walking enthusiasts or complete beginners.

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uk flagPembrokeshire Paths

based: Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK

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Professionally guided nordic walking holidays, walking the Pembrokeshire coastal routes in South West Wales. Instructional Nordic walking weeks and guided weekends for beginners and experienced Nordic walkers, with an experienced and accredited instructor.

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uk flag Walk Kernow

based: Cornwall, UK
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Walk Kernow offers well-planned, fun Nordic holidays through the Cornish Countryside. These start with a private beginners workshop at Trelissick Gardens (or near guest's accommodation) to learn the basic Nordic walking technique. Guests then go on to join arranged Nordic walks of their choice.

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Koch's Hotel

based: Sauerland, Germany

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Koch's Hotel is a family-managed hotel in southern Sauerland offering nordic walking weekends for beginners and experienced nordic walkers.

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Nordic Academy

based: Victoria, Australia

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Overseas tours in the European Alps, 10-day combined Nordic walking and sightseeing holidays; also events, excursions and tours within Australia.

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uk flag Nordic Walking Yorkshire

based: Yorkshire, UK

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Spring-time Nordic walking holidays in Filzmoos, in St. Johann im Pongau, Salzburg, Austria; staying at a 4-star hotel in a spectacular mountain setting.

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What is Nordic walking?

Nordic Walking is a relatively new style of walking based on the summer training undertaken by cross-country skiers. It's a full-body exercise that uses arms, legs and the whole body to propel the walker forward, with the aid of specially designed walking poles. It can be undertaken at a range of levels, from more gentle walking for health, right through to energetic and athletic Nordic running.


Nordic walking is more energetic than standard walking and hiking and, when using the right technique, it's reckoned to burn more than 45% more calories than walking with no poles – so it's a great weight loss technique too! It's also easy on the joints and so is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Nordic walking is also said to help reduce neck and shoulder tension, improve gait and posture, and strengthen back and abdominal muscles.


Nordic walking holidays
Nordic walking is often done within a group, with clubs and organised groups offering regular meets and classes throughout the year; but increasingly it's also being offered as a holiday activity – perhaps as one of many options on a general activity holiday, or as a dedicated holiday in its own right. Holidays are offered right across the UK, throughout Europe and further afield, in the US and Australia for example.   


There is a technique to Nordic walking and it's always best to learn this from an experienced and qualified instructor before you head out with your poles. Lessons will teach you to use the poles efficiently and ensure you benefit from the additional propulsion they can give you. Some holidays offer training to beginners, while others are only suitable for experienced Nordic walkers.