Flamenco dance holidays & courses



Carmen Cuevas
based: Granada, Spain
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Spanish language, culture and flamenco courses in Spain. Carmen de las Cuevas is a renowned Spanish language school as well as a leading Flamenco Centre. Flamenco courses and holidays cover: dance initiation, choreography, dance technique – and other Falmenco-centred courses deal with its history, styles, and Flamenco guitar and singing. There are also various combination Spanish language and Flamenco courses.

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Centro Flamenco La Fuente

based: Andalucia, Spain
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Learn Flamenco in Spain – the Flamenco school Centro Flamenco La Fuente offers Flamenco dance lessons as part of a relaxing holiday in the ancient Moorish village of Capileira in a beautiful region of Andalucia in Southern Spain. These dance holidays include, airport transfers, dance classes (in English or Spanish), dance shoe hire, and a wide range of other activities such as Spanish language classes, walking, yoga, horse riding and painting.

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uk flagDuende Flamenco
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Small group Flamenco dance and Spanish culture trips. Tours to the greatest Spanish Flamenco cities: Seville, Barcelona, Jerez, Madrid, Granada, Cordoba and Malaga. Weekend breaks to 10-day tours that include Flamenco classes and visits to Flamenco shows, typical Spanish restaurants, famous Flamenco barrios.

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uk flagIlusion Flamenca

based: London, UK
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Villa based Flamenco retreats in the beautiful fishing port of San Jose in Almeria. The package includes: accommodation, food, transfers, daily dance lessons, castanets workshop, a full body massage, excursions, and an evening at El Brindi Negro restaurant with live flamenco.

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Experience Flamenco

based: Oregon, USA

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Guided Flamenco tours to Spain and Flamenco dance retreats and getaways in the United States at Lincoln City in Oregon.

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Flamenco Dance

based: West Sussex, UK

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Intense dance or guitar courses in Cortijo Romero, Granada. Become totally immersed in Flamenco and enjoy daily collaborations between dance and guitar students.

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flamenco shoesFlamenco dancing holidays and vacations, residential courses and workshops, where you can learn this fiery Spanish dance or take a tour to watch Flamenco dance in action. Learn to dance Flamenco at its source in Spain (particularly Andalusia of course!), or take instruction in places such as Portugal, London, the US, or South America. We also include combination holidays where Flamenco dance is combined with other activities and interests – most popular of which are trips that combine learning the dance together with the Spanish language.


TIPS – on your Flamenco dance holiday ask:
How much instruction time is included and the size of group classes.

What language will classes be in.

Will there be live musicians performing during classes.
If private lessons can be arranged if you want them.

If the teachers are professional Flamenco instructors.

Beginners check if you need Flamenco shoes, or if they can be hired.