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Flamenco dancing holidays and vacations, residential courses and workshops, where you can learn this fiery Spanish dance or take a tour to watch Flamenco dance in action.

Learn the Flamenco at its source in Spain, or take instruction in Portugal, London, the US, or South America. This listing also includes combination holidays where Flamenco dance is combined with other activities and interests – most popular of which are trips that combine learning the dance together with the Spanish language.

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Flamenco dance holidays & courses

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Combined Spanish language and flamenco dance holidays in Granada, Spain ...

uk flag La Escuela de Baile
based: London, UK
The largest UK flamenco school offering a variety of classes in the UK (including courses covering choreography, techniques, the Bulerias dance of Jerez, and the use of castanets), as well as a summer school which takes place in an affiliated dance school in Jerez, in Andalusia in SW Spain.
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uk flag Responsibletravel Featured Site
website: Responsibletravel
Dancing holidays in Central/South America and Europe, small group and tailor made trips offering dance styles such as: tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina; salsa in Cuba; Spanish language and Cuban dance or flamenco in Granada, Spain; or tango together with a yoga retreat in Portugal.
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Alexander Music School
based: Andalucia, Spain
A cultural centre offering holiday courses in art, music and the Alexander Technique. They also specialise in assistance to musicians with injuries and performance-related tension.
| music playing courses | flamenco | painting/drawing | Spain |

Carmen de las Cuevas
based: Granada, Spain

Spanish language, culture and flamenco courses in Spain.
| Spanish language | flamenco | Spain |

Centro Flamenco La Fuente
based: Granada, Spain

Flamenco dance school in Andalucia, Southern Spain, offering flamenco classes as part of a relaxing holiday.
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Duende Flamenco
based: UK

Small group Flamenco dance holidays with Spanish cultural tours, visiting the greatest Flamenco cities of Spain (Madrid, Barceloa, Seville, Jerez and Cordoba etc).
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