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Index of our special interest holiday categories with brief explanations.



antiques hunt for antiques or learn what's of real value
art appreciation learn about art, from the great masters to contemporary painting
calligraphy opportunities to learn the art of the calligrapher
country crafts courses and holidays to learn traditional craft skills
  > country crafts
> basketry
> fly tying & rod building
> soapmaking
  > thatching
decoupage the decorative art of assembling and varnishing paper cut-outs
film & video learn to use your video and filming equipment
glass crafts/stained glass the skills of glass blowing and working with stained glass
jewellery working with silver, gold, pearls, beads, wire ...
metal crafts learn the skills required for working with metals
mosaic breaks and courses in mosaic design and construction
paper crafts crafts using paper
, such as card making, oragami and paper making
painting & drawing paint or draw in new places
  > mixed media art
photography focusing on photo opportunities and photographic skills
pottery & ceramics learn to throw a pot or mould with clay
printmaking courses and workshops
scrapbook retreats for scrappers and croppers
sculpture & carving working in three dimensions
upholstery workshops and residential courses
wood crafts working with wood; carving, turning, furniture making ...

canal/barge for canal boat cruising and narrow boat holidays
ocean the ultimate luxury, cruises for everyone
river/lake a smaller cruise on rivers or lakes worldwide
themed anything from celebrity cruises to a scrabble or murder mystery cruise

architectural enjoy buildings, old and new
cinema/films/movies/TV/celebrity film & tv locations, studio tours, celebrity events
comedy for comedy and humour courses, breaks and holidays
festivals/carnivals celebrate! street carnival or festivals of food, books, fun, flowers ...
native peoples appreciate the native peoples of the places you travel
storytelling learn to tell a story yourself or listen to experienced storytellers
theatre/shows holidays and breaks that include a play or show

clubbing with the emphasis on nightclubs, dancing and party!
dance dance participation in styles from ballroom to folk:
   > dance (mixed); ballet; ballroom/sequence; belly dance/Middle Eastern; ceroc/jive;
   > flamenco; folk/regional; salsa; tango/Argentine tango; latin american

beer/pub know your beers and find the best places to try them
cider cider lovers tours and cider making courses
cookery cooking in farmhouses, state-of-the-art kitchens or with celebrity chefs
fungi/mushroom foraging courses and mushroom hunting breaks
gastronomic holidays and breaks for food lovers
whisky distillery tours and tastings
wine appreciation/tasting/tours learn the art of tasting the grape

bridge/whist holidays and breaks to enjoy a game of cards
chess stretch your mind at chess camps and holidays

scrabble word games as a focus for your holiday or vacation

bulb fields tours to enjoy the beauty and colour of the bulb fields
gardening courses hands on with the plants, flowers and vegetables
garden tours visit beautiful gardens worldwide

acupuncture/acupressure traditional Chinese medical techniques
aromatherapy smell and aroma as therapy
detoxification holidays and breaks to detox your body
for the bereaved holidays and retreats for those who have recently lost a loved one
holistic/wellness/wellbeing for all round well being
massage just lie back and relax!
meditation & mindfulness still your mind and escape to and inner peace
medical treatment holidays that include medical treatments
ayurveda retreats and courses based around Ayurvedic principles
  > dialysis packages and centres that offer dialysis treatment
nutrition courses, retreats & workshops centred around healthy cooking & eating
pilates movements & exercises designed to stretch, strengthen & balance your body
reiki heal and harmonise your body by channelling its energy
retreats to take a break from the world
self development use your vacation time to develop yourself
  > NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming personal development courses
spa/health farm all round health spas and health farms
  > spas dedicated spa centres and hydros
tai chi sometimes called 'meditation in motion', relaxation on the move
weight loss take a break to help create a new, thinner, you!
yoga physical practices, meditation & breathing in one package

archaeological digs holidays and vacations to take part in digs
archaeological tours holidays to discover the past
battlefield tours/war graves tours pay respects, visit battlefields & last resting places
genealogy/family history take a break to learn about your family history
historical tours holidays for history lovers

language courses take a break to learn a new language or improve existing skills

ballet/opera tours and holidays that include ballet, contemporary dance or opera
concerts/music festivals music events of all kinds
music appreciation courses and breaks to learn to enjoy music of all kinds
musical instrument making learn to make a drum or a violin
music playing learn a new instrument or improve existing skills
music recording holidays with recording studios, make your own music
tours holidays and tours to appreciate music worldwide
singing be that classical, choral, pop, jazz, folk ...

songwriting for those that want to compose themselves

ghost stay in a haunted house and go ghost hunting!
murder mystery weekends and breaks to discover who did it

beadwork courses and beading holidays, working with beads
dressmaking/tailoring hands-on courses and holidays
embroidery machine and hand embroidery courses and holidays
fashion – creating it, watching it, trying it, buying it!
felt making making and working with felt
knitting/crochet courses and workshops working with wool and cotton
lace making to learn and practice this beautiful art
millinery/hat making learn to make hats, headpieces, fascinators
needlepoint/cross stitch work with others on cross-stitch projects
patchwork/quilting courses and breaks in quilting or patchwork
soft furnishing including curtains, blinds, loose covers, cushions
textile tours to visit the places the yarns, fabrics and textiles originate
courses to learn this ancient craft skill

bus/coach tours by coach and bus
city breaks holidays and short breaks to escape to cities worldwide
pilgrimage/religious tours to religious and pilgrimage sites worldwide
sacred sites visit sites of significance across the globe
sightseeing with the emphasis on the significant sites and attractions
shopping breaks retail therapy, shop till you drop in the world's great cities and markets
theme park trips for kids of all ages! Disney, Lego, adventure parks, water parks ...

horse drawn by caravan or barge
motor home/rv holidays by recreational vehicle, camper van or motor home
overlanding travel by land routes and discover the world
railway tours and railway journeys, see the world by rail
self drive drive yourself in your own or a hire vehicle
trekking with animals pack your camel, llama, donkey, elephant, horse... and walk

animals/safari including motorised game safaris
   > aerial safaris animal watching from the air
   > camping safaris game viewing from a tented camp base
   > horse back safaris animal watching from horseback
   > elephant back safaris get really close to nature from the security of an elephant's back
> photographic safaris game viewing with the emphasis on photography
   > walking/ trekking safaris getting close to the animals on foot
astronomy/space discover the stars or even explore space itself
bear watching be it brown, grizzly or polar ...
birdwatching birding trips for ornithologists and bird lovers
botanical tours to find plants, flowers and trees
   > herbalism holidays and courses that feature the study of herbs
falconry learn to fly the birds of prey
geological tours with the focus on the rocks and landforms that make up the landscape
weather watching tours to chase storms, see tornados and experience extreme weather
> Northern Lights tours/Aurora Borealis tours to see this beautiful phenomenon
whale & dolphin watching tours to watch the giants of the deep
swimming with dolphins
the experience of a lifetime, swim with the dolphins
swimming with sharks caged swimming with sharks!

literary tours visit places that inspired the great writers
literary appreciation courses to help you appreciate writing and poetry
poetry courses and workshops to share and learn to write poetry
writing escape to start that novel or learn the craft of writing

We are constantly on the look out for categories we've missed; please let us know if there is something you'd like to see added or suggest categories we do not yet feature.



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