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Bear watching holidays & tours

Absolute Nature
located: Brasov, Romania
Guided wildlife watching in the Danube Delta, Transylvania and the Carpathian mountains, watching for lynx, wolf, beaver and bear in their natural habitat, also wolf tracking and bird watching. Guest house accommodation with traditional Romanian cuisine.
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usa flag Cruise Norway
located: New York, USA
Offers 8-day cruises to Spitsbergen aboard the MS Expedition to the 'Realm of the Polar Bear', where passengers may be able to spot roaming polar bears, as well as seals, reindeer and numerous bird species.
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Great Bear Nature Tours
located: British Columbia, Canada
Grizzly bear viewing tours between May and October, from a floating lodge in British Columbia, located in an area with a good concentration of coastal grizzlies. Also a Giant Panda expedition to China to seek pandas in the wild in the spectacular Qin Ling Mountains.
| bear watching | Canada | China |

Lazy Bear Lodge
located: Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
Polar Bear Tours in Churchill, the polar bear world capital. See polar bears in their natural habitat from the comfort of a tundra vehicle. Accommodation is in handcrafted log cabin rooms in a family-owned lodge.
| bear watching | Canada |

uk flag Responsible Travel
website: ResponsibleTravel
Worldwide bear spotting holidays, be it a grizzly in Canada, a brown bear in Finland, a giant panda in China, a polar bear Norway or a Koala in Australia. You can track them, learn to photograph them, do volunteer work with them, or take a cruise to watch them ...
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Stunning Slovakia
located: Poprad, Slovakia
Bear watching and tracking tours into areas that were previously inaccessible; offering unique opportunities to track European brown bears in their natural environment. This is done without baiting to attract them to hides. The tours are
integrated into 'Project Bear', a conservation programme with the High Tatras National Park Authority.
| bear watching | Slovakia |

Tundra Buggy Lodge
located: British Columbia, Canada
Polar bear trips staying at the Tundra Buggy Lodge at Cape Churchill. The lodge is made up of specialised modules that link together, stretching to about 100 meters. It has two sleeper cars (taking 18–20 guests), a lounge, dining facilities and viewing areas.
| bear watching | Canada | China |

Churchill Nature Tours
based: Manitoba, Canada
Polar bear tours using tundra vehicles to access the tundra wilderness. Tours are led by professional naturalists and include a helicopter flight over Hudson Bay and Cape Churchill.
| bear watching | Canada |

usa flag Equinox Wilderness Expeditions
based: Alaska, USA
Outfitted wilderness expeditions in Alaska and Canada by canoe, raft, kayak or with backpack.
| walking/trekking/hiking | canoeing/kayaking | bear watching | Arctic | Canada |

based: Finland
Tours to watch and photograph bears in Finland; other animals you might see include: wolverine, wolf, lynx, elk, red and flying squirrels, arctic hare, deer and reindeer, otter, fox, muskrat, raccoon and beaver.
| bear watching | Finland |

Grizzly Bear Ranch
based: British Columbia, Canada
Remote, specialised bear viewing lodge offering grizzly and black bear viewing holidays; the lodge overlooks a fast-flowing mountain river set within 32 acres of wilderness.
| bear watching | Canada |

 The Travelling Naturalist
based: Dorset, UK
Specialist tour operator, with an aim to provide the most enjoyable guided wildlife holidays possible!
| animals/safari | bird watching | bear watching | astronomy/space | Worldwide |

Other useful bear links:
Ursus International Conservation Institute a Canadian registered non-profit organisation set up to to provide information about the conservation of bears.



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