Medical tourism
holidays & breaks abroad that include medical treatment, medical spas & health farms



Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

based: Switzerland

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A renowned thermal water spa and wellness and sport hotel, with its own medical health center. The hotel is located in the foothills of the Alps in Eastern Switzerland. Guests benefit guidance from the experience of a team of nutritionists, doctors and personal trainers.

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based: Prague, Czech Republic

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A leading obesity centre in Prague, offering bariatric surgery packages and a full range of cosmetic surgery treatments including breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction, eyelid surgery and facelifts.

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SHA Wellness Clinic

based: Alicante, Spain

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Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, this award-winning medical spa offers the SHA method which integrates natural therapies with therapeutic nutrition and Western medicine, particularly preventive medicine, genetics and anti-aging. Their area of focus are: wellness, fitness, recovery, rejuvenation, stress relief, and weight control and detox.

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based: Greece

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Greek medical travel planning service providing full medical travel services for international patients, including all accommodation and transfers required. Popular treatments include: breast augmentation, dental implants, egg donation, tummy tuck, hinoplasty and dental crowns.

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Dental Travel Poland

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All-inclusive packages, including high quality dental treatment, in the biggest cities of Poland; including Gdansk, Katowice, Krakow, Wroclaw, Bydgoszcz, Rzeszow and Warsaw.

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Lotus Medical International

based: Thailand

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Dentistry, cosmetic and plastic surgery at an award-winning hospital in Thailand. Lotus Medical also assists with everything from booking flights and accommodation to advice from travel experts on how to the spend time when away from treatment.

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Serbian Dental Tourism

based: Subotica, Serbia

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A range of dental vacation packages in Serbia; offering high quality dental services together with transport, hotel and excursion options.

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The Travel-Quest medical travel section is a listing of holiday packages, medical travel agencies, health spas and health farms, wellness resorts, health clinics centres offering medical tourism – that is health and medical treatments provided as part of a holiday or vacation package. This may also be referred to as medical travel or health tourism and the medical treatments provided might include: surgical treatments, ophthalmology, physiotherapy, oncology, plastic surgery, hair transplants, hip/knee replacements and dental treatments etc.


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