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uk flagBodhisattva Kadampa Buddhist Meditation Centre

based: East Sussex, UK
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Weekend meditation retreats for everyone from beginners to the more experienced mediator. Comfortable single, twin and dormitory accommodation is available for those attending weekend courses.

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Clear Sky Meditation & Study Foundation

based: British Colombia, Canada
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Clear Sky is a not-for-profit, charitable meditation and study center in the Canadian Rockies. It focuses on Western Mystical and Buddhadharma teachings and offers meditation retreats workshops and courses.

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uk flagFISU Meditation

based: UK
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FISU, the Foundation For International Spiritual Unfoldment, offers residential and non-residential meditation courses. Their residential meditation retreats take place over three weekends and are held in various venues and centres around the UK.

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usa flagInsight Meditation Society

based: Massachusetts, USA
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Meditation Retreat Centre in central Massachusetts, with a separate Forest Refuge in the countryside for the more experienced and for longer term retreats. The practice is in 'insight meditation' (Vipassana) and 'loving kindness meditation' (Metta).

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uk flagInternational Meditation Centre

based: Wiltshire, UK
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Buddhist meditation centres offering short Vipassana meditation courses in centres worldwide. Vipassana meditation (insight meditation) is an ancient meditation practice that teaches the 'Eightfold Noble Path' as taught by the Buddha.

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Mairela Healing Retreat

based: Kuhmoinen, Finland
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Holistic healing holidays at a lakeside cottage with traditional sauna set in the natural environment of the Finnish forest. Personal sessions with an experienced healer, workshops, meditation and reiki, or just peace and serenity. Guests gather tools to enhance their daily life on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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OSHO International Meditation Resort

based: Pune, India
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Featuring active meditations (meditative dancing, whirling, vocalizing and power-breathing) scientifically designed by Osho. Meditation that enables conscious expression of repressed feelings and emotions, and that teaches the knack of watching habitual patterns. Traditional meditation sessions are also practiced. Simple accommodation is in the Osho Guest house.

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uk flagOsho Leela

based: Dorset, UK
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Retreats and weekend workshops in Dorset introducing Osho meditation and related activities. Meditations are lead by experienced community members and are mostly active meditations, rather than silent sittings. The style is very relaxed and there are no compulsory daily practices.

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Restorative mindfulness and meditation retreats; listing dedicated holidays, weekend breaks, courses, workshops and retreats held in dedicated centers, or meditation practice as part of a wider wellness programme which includes other related practices like yoga, tai chi, or even mountain walking or swimming. These getaways may offer individual guided meditation sessions, group classes, opportunities for private meditation in peaceful surroundings, or a combination of all of these.


Meditation travel may take you to sacred places like Machu Picchu, or the mountains of Tibet; to holy sites for spiritual meditations; to simple dedicated centers in beautiful locations; or you may learn mindfulness or meditation as part of a more general wellness or spa holiday.


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