Residential NLP courses, workshops, retreats, holidays, short breaks and weekends offering personal development through Neuro Linguistic Programming.


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What we're listing
Travel-Quest is a specialist travel and holidays directory, so we're assuming that your interest is for personal development rather than to help your business skills or to train as a practitioner. However some practitioner courses are listed because, within the NLP world, these courses are also presented as suitable for personal development. We also list short intro courses and taster sessions.









NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming


Training and qualifications
It should go without saying that you're better off selecting a course or retreat with a qualified provider, but remember that a certificate really only confirms that a certain amount of training with a particular organisation has been received and, as we'll see, not all of that training is equal.

NLP practice is currently unregulated and there is no single governing body and no internationally recognised qualifications; a number of independent organisations (mostly commercial) provide training and qualifications.

While the names of the qualification 'grades' (usually 'Practitioner', 'Master Practitioner' and 'Trainer', often preceded by 'Certified') and the basic NLP behind each of these will be similar, the course length, depth of study and other requirements of the training can vary considerably. (At the foot of this article you'll find a list of some of the main certifying bodies and membership associations.)

The most extensive courses usually involve at least 120 hours study, but there are also shorter 'accelerated learning', 'fast track' and even 'on-line only' courses available. Be aware of this when choosing your personal development course and satisfy yourself that the training level and experience of those teaching is right for you.

Reviews, recommendations & teaching styles
Look for recommendations and reviews, some providers will publish these on their websites, but if none are available ask them to provide some. Also look out
for independent reviews sometimes found on other sites. A personal recommendation is by far the best sort to look for, so ask around among friends and work colleagues.

These days many providers will have videos available and watching these may help you decide if you'll get on with that trainers teaching style. Also consider things like how long they've been teaching, are courses one-to-one or group, and are they more business focused than personal.


NLP combined with other therapies

On this page you'll not only find 'pure' NLP-only courses and retreats, but also those that use the technique along side other therapies, perhaps hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), relaxation therapies, yoga or meditation. These sorts of retreats can be a good choice if you're looking for a more holistic approach to your personal development, or if want a more relaxed holiday-type retreat that avoids the intensity of the NLP-only courses.


Specialist courses

We also list specialist courses that focus on a particular area, be it weight loss, stopping smoking, dealing with phobias, or enhancing sporting performance using the techniques.


It's useful to know something about the training, qualifications and professional memberships of those running courses, this list is intended give you a start by listing some of the main organisations you'll come across:
SNLP (The Society of NLP) is the largest accreditation body, established by John Grinder and Richard Bandler (NLP founders) –

INLPTA (International NLP Trainers Association) is a Worldwide trainer/coach association –

The British Board of NLP is a former UK certifying organisation which appears to no longer exist, however you'll still find practitioners quoting membership and qualifications from them.

The American Board of Hypnotherapy & NLP -
Australian Board of NLP –


Other membership organisations who don't provide training but who's membership may be quoted by practitioners:

The Professional Guild of NLP is a non-commercial, non profit making, association of training organisations and their practitioners –
• ANLP (The Association of NLP) – UK based membership organisation –

The British Institute of Hypnotherapy & NLP is an independent, not for profit association of hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners –


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Irish Institute of NLP (The)

based: Dublin, Ireland


Providing accredited NLP training and services, with a range of weekend, mid-week and week-long seminars held in Dublin. Designed to help with happiness, time management, quality sleep, resilience, perfect pitch, weight loss, achieving goals and dreams, and 'The Rest of your Life'.

| Ireland |


uk flag Kingdom NLP

based: Fife, Scotland, UK


Unique weekend personal development retreats in Fife. Offering time to focus on yourself, create your future, explore personal resources, learn motivation, discover inner strength and develop satisfying relationships. Nearby accommodation arranged with local B&Bs and hotels.

| Scotland | England |


based: East Sussex/Kent, UK

Offering juice detox retreats in England (in East Sussex/Kent and Leicestershire) with yoga and healing. Weight loss and fitness, fertility, stop smoking and emotional healing retreats with 50+ holistic treatments. "One of the Best Retreats in the World" – Telegraph.
| yoga | retreats | detoxification | weight loss | fitness | stag/hen | self development | NLP | meditation | England |


uk flag Visions NLP Coaching

based: Bedfordshire, UK


Weekend retreats in the UK and abroad in Europe, in either Spain or Greece, for people wishing to get away and take time out for relaxation and self development using Neuro Linguistic Programming coaching methods and techniques.

| UK | Europe |


uk flag Beech Associates

based: Hampshire, UK


A combined NLP, yoga and meditation retreat held Kalkan in Turkey, and weekend retreats in Southampton in Hampshire.

| NLP | Turkey | England |


Transformations International

based: Auckland, New Zealand


Offering 'The Keys To Success' training courses and weekends held in New Zealand, Japan and Thailand.

| NLP | New Zealand | Thailand | Japan |


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