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Booking a singles skiing holiday, the options

If you’re travelling alone there’s no doubt about it, a snowboarding or ski holiday can be one of the best options. Skiers tend to be social types and the skiing or boarding is an instant and mutual interest that makes it easy to get chatting and make new friends. There are a umber of ways of going about a singles skiing or boarding trip, from just booking a flight and accommodation yourself to signing up with a dedicated singles holiday company, this article looks at the pros and cons of different approaches:

    Take a ready-made singles ski holiday package
    Simply book up on your own
    Join a ski course or instructional package
    Think outside the box
    Hitch up with other skiers or boarders
    Join a snowsports club, activity club or social club
    What have we missed?

Take a ready-made singles ski holiday package
Quite a number of companies now offer dedicated singles skiing holidays and taking one of these packages is probably the easiest option, particularly if you are a ‘first timer’. Most singles holiday tour operators will sort out same-sex room shares if required, so you’ll not only join a ready-made group of like-minded skiers or boarders, but you can also avoid single supplement charges.

This sort of group tends to gel naturally so, if you get chatting with your fellow travellers, chances are that you’ll have sorted out skiing or boarding buddies by the time you’ve completed the airport transfer or over communal dinner on arrival. Failing that, ensure you pick a travel company that provides ‘ski hosting’*, that way there’s always a group to ski with.

If you’re new to the sport, be it skiing or snowboarding, you’ll probably want to take lessons anyway and this is an excellent way of meeting others – others you can hitch up with in your free skiing time too and probably go for a 'happy hour' beer with after the lifts have closed. Even if you consider yourself a reasonable skier or boarder a few lessons can never do any harm; there’s always stuff to learn so why not improve your technique and meet others who ski or board at your level into the bargain.

Don’t be put off by the ‘singles’ label, these breaks are generally more about skiing than dating. People don’t necessarily come on them to seek a soul mate; many do it because partners or friends just don’t ski or board, because they have more holiday leave than their friends and because they want to find an approachable group to ski with. Mind you, if you are seeking love as well as snow then you stand a better chance on a ‘singles’ trip than any other, but if that's the case you’d be better off choosing one of the companies which have more of a ‘dating’ approach; who try and match male/female numbers and restrict age groups (e.g. Speed Breaks or one of the dating companies).

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*'Ski hosting' – describes a service (usually provided by the tour operator) where a skier (a.k.a. 'ski buddy') who knows the area, organises group skiing around the resort to orientate visitors and to provide opportunities for guests to ski at different levels within a group – great for solo skiers! Skiing will be on-piste and will require a minimum level of skiing. (NB this is not 'Ski Guiding' and in most cases is not described as such for legal reasons, a true 'Ski Guide' is a trained professional, qualified and insured to lead skiers and boarders on and off-piste and who has a knowledge of routes, avalanche risk, crevasses etc. Ask your tour operator or the local ski schools if you want to employ a Ski Guide.)

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