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uk flagSunflower Retreats

based: Casperia & Sperlonga, Italy | Costa Rica

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Yoga holidays and yoga and wellness retreats, with daily yoga classes, meditation, Ayurvedic and holistic treatments, and a wide range of daily optional activities to choose from, in stunningly unspoiled and beautiful locations – in Italy, in the hilltop village of Casperia or beachside Sperlonga – and in Costa Rica.

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Surya Lanka Ayurveda Beach Resort

based: Talalla, Sri Lanka

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Surya Lanka Ayurveda Resort was one of the first Ayurveda Hotels in Sri Lanka to cater exclusively for Panchakarma Ayurveda guests. Surya Lanka specialises in Sri Lankan Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation, all in one of the most beautiful locations in Sri Lanka. It also conducts regular Ayurveda retreats and Yoga retreats.

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uk flagThe Ultimate Retreat Company

based: Alicante, Spain

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Luxury all-inclusive health retreats for weight loss, fitness, detox, wellbeing and anti-ageing, set in a beautiful award winning venue and spa. Join their exceptional and professional retreat team which includes a doctor, nutritionist, yoga and pilates teachers, personal trainers and holistic therapists; who will offer inspirational and individual care and support.

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Algarve Surf & Yoga Retreat

based: Algarve, Portugal

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Located in the beautiful Costa Vicentina Natural Park in Western Algarve, a great place to surf, practice yoga and relax.

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US flagAdventure Yoga Retreats

based: California, USA

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Yoga vacations combined with skiing and snowboarding in Killington and Mamouth Mountain.

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US flagBig Sky Yoga Retreats

based: Montana, USA

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Yoga and skiing retreats in Big Sky Resort, Montana. Also yoga and hiking weekends.

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US flag Earthworks Rock Climbing

based: California, USA

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Rock climbing weekends for beginners through advanced level, including outdoor yoga and climbing instruction.

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Freeing the Body

based: London, UK

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Scaravelli inspired yoga breaks in Koycegiz, Turkey and Andalucia, Spain, offering yoga that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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Yoga holiday packing and travel tips

• Take your own lightweight mat, most yoga retreats will provide mats of course, but if you don't fancy the idea of getting close up to the spot shared by someone else's feet then your own mat can be a haven of freshness! Pack disposable anti-bacterial wipes if you're planning on using a retreat's own mats, great for ensuring your own mat is fresh as a daisy too.


• As an alternative to, or in addition to a mat, you might also want to pack a skid-less yoga towel which will help when holding poses like downward facing dog or the triangle pose.


• If you're fond of figure hugging yoga clothing then treat yourself to some seamless underwear to take on the trip.


• Loose fitting yoga clothing is most comfortable in hot climates. Cotton keeps you cool and fresh, but consider moisture-wicking fabrics too, these will not only help keep you dry as you do your practice but, because they dry out so quickly, will also allow you to wash things through rather than carry too much in your luggage.


• Pack one yoga outfit in your cabin bag in case your luggage gets delayed.


• Get ready for your trip before you leave and as you travel, particularly if you're flying, so that you arrive without traveller stress:
   pack light,
   eat a light, healthy meal before you depart,
   get a good nights sleep before you fly,
   keep hydrated and buy a big bottle of water once past security,
   on a long flight try a few simple yoga stretches,
   or just meditate in your seat.